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Keynotes from the 3rd Annual Practical Activism Conference at UC Santa Cruz

The 3rd Annual Practical Activism Conference, Tools for Local and Global Change, was a day-long conference which took place on October 29, 2005 at the University of California at Santa Cruz. It offered a series of workshops addressing activism and change in the local and global context, as well as keynote speeches from Daniel "Nane" Alejandrez and Nzingha Dugas.
Daniel "Nane" Alejandrez is recognized for his commitment to developing alternatives to youth violence, his work in the End the Barrio Warfare Movement and building family and community responses to violence in urban city streets. He co-founded the Kansas City Peace Summit, where urban gangs have met to discuss peace proposals, and is co-founder of the National Coalition of Barrios Unidos.

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College Nine/Ten Multipurpose Room

Tony Hoffman, a Psychology professor at UCSC, gave a presentation on Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances (CEDC).

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A student of Tony discussed her experience with children in Costa Rica.

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David Brundage, a Community Studies professor at UCSC, discussed student protest movements in the US and showed a portion of "Eyes on the Prize" about student lunch counter sit-ins which took place in Nashville, TN.

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Chris Peck is a student at UCSC and was an organizer of Tent University Santa Cruz which took place April 18-22, 2005 at UCSC.

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Nzingha Dugas is a 13 year staff member of UC Berkeley in the area of student leadership and development, outreach, rercruitment, retention, and cross cultural student coalition building. She has been active in supporting the student voice for 20 years and has been the keynote for student leadership programs as well as doing trainings, seminars and workshops focusing on leadership development.

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Tabling included activist organizations on campus and in the community.

Educate, Organize, Resist, Learn

3rd Annual Practical Activism Conference:

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