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Letter to Chancellor Denton and EVC Kliger from UCSC Faculty and Staff

Dear Chancellor Denton and EVC Kliger:

We know that this has been an extremely difficult week for you and for the university.

We also know that each of you as well as others in the administration, including Associate Vice Chancellor Jean Marie Scott, have worked very hard in an attempt to negotiate a satisfactory resolution to the confrontation with the students who organized Tent University at the base of campus. We acknowledge these efforts.

However, we express our deepest distress at the decision to call in the police to arrest students on Monday evening. Based on observations by those of us present at various times during the evening, and reports from others, we believe the use of police was unwarranted and seriously endangered the safety of the students at Tent University and threatened to escalate into a wider conflagration. It was also very disturbing to us that police were brought from the Berkeley campus in riot gear to handle what was fundamentally a peaceful gathering because of concerns about ‚Äúcamping,‚Ä? a matter which could have been easily handled with simple citations or other non-confrontational police presence, as well as continued negotiations. We are also distressed at the police violence and the numbers of students injured, some of whom are in our classes. Tent Universities have been established at a number of campuses nation-wide and no such police action was initiated.
Read the full letter and view the list of signers

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