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Cops, gangmembers, and low intensity war games: R U statecraft illiterate?

The idea that western society is a 'chain-of-command' society and that the low intensity wars that happen here are played out by pawns of those wars appears to be a way of seeing what few seem to consider. To see this is to begin to not only understand why the feds have worked so hard to shut down and undermine the IMC projects (because we have here the *threat of a good example*) but also build a basis on which to envision truly serious alternatives.
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The Indy Media project could become a place where human beings, without formal organization to intercede "on our behalf", create meaningful, informal bridges with each other. Outside of the grip of hype and thought control. Thus the "danger" we pose.

If you inform yourself about the theory and assumptions that most elites make about our alleged stupidity, you can see why they work so hard to attack us (in so many forms). As Noam Chomsky has pointed out, we are viewed as being "incapable" of "handling things" and ripe for the techniques which basically keep us stupid-ized.

Implementers of policy called cops, like any soldier, are also viewed in a similar manner ("too stupid to understand things"). Like any citizen, cops are tools, pawns, serving the meta interests of statecraft. The structure of their institution (copdom) is a military structure through and through, with only a game of supposedly being different from full-on military police or soldiers.

So, cops are to take on the enemies trotted out by "those who can" control and dominate us. Cops aren't to see that the so-called enemies are largely constructs of statecraft, both directly and indirectly. Often recruited at a naive time of life (whether just out of highschool or "educated"), cops are originally as idealistic as any soldier (or other social worker for that matter). They sincerely want to help solve the problems they've been "educated" to perceive. But they don't see, and aren't enabled to see that their institution (copdom) largely perpetuates the challenge and situations that their PR experts claim to want to uphold. And so, as they begin realizing how "impossible" things seem to be, they become frustrated, and like any well-intended idealist surrounded by the callous truths of institutions, feel alone. Like the gangmembers they're 'at war' against, they "have each other", but unlike them, they don't even see how "fucked-up" things are because they're initiates of a job, a business, and business doesn't easily allow for that kind of humanity (cops and other soldiers gone thru heavy shit together is another topic, but once out of work or "therapy", they're left to their own devices, as war vets know only too well).

What do they do in their increasing frustrations? They do as the rest of us colonized people do--take out their frustration on those that they are being conditioned to fear and remain divided from: their insulated wives, their own private desires, and people called "criminals" like gangmembers.

The stupid-ized masses
Then there's the public. The public, programmed to be "citizens" and "organized" by "their leaders" clamor at authority to "help" them "stop" the evils paraded before them from sources they've been conditioned to trust. We're not "stupid", we've been and are kept stupid-ized!

So everyone appears (that's the trick) to uncritically play right into this whole thing.

Evil gangmembers
So you have, for example, the mystification of "gangs"; really, varying intensities of underground (read: informal) autonomous groupings of human beings seeking sanity in the mad world that they happened to be born into. The reality that most of us more "privileged" folks take for granted has been pulled back for them to reveal the heavy shit everywhere in many forms; and there's a long historical context to that, tho never truly discussed in the thought control media. No meaningful institutions exist, so these fellow human beings, without help, create their own with the tools and experiences they are privy to.

The Wizards of Oz
Then the feds step in. One aspect of federal involvement came when it was learned that the c.i.a. had supplied a whole train-load of automatic weapons to young, angry folks in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s. i think Gary Webb spoke of it (tho don't have the details on me).

Then there was the time when the feds got busted for taking an active part in bringing heavy drugs into the U.S. This was common knowledge in the 1980s and there was a lot of coverage of those things in the media for a short time, and the feds involved never got punished or even tarnished in their image. (See for example the film "Cover-up") This has been going on systematically (i.e. on another topic, see "Waco: The Rules of Engagement").

Anyway, the game at home is pretty easy to ram through. Every generation has to begin from something like scratch in waking up and connecting the dots all over again; and by the time they begin to see, they're already "too old" and effectively separated from organizing work (if they're not "leaders" they look like kooks). The various factions of the business parties in 'politics' don't help that situation, they just goose-step on command in their lack of nerve, and allow the same old song and dance to perpetuate. After all, why should THEY risk their ass to try to pull the plug on this same old shenanigan? They aren't heroes, they're just middle management order-followers themselves (largely) caught up in an institution not unlike the police, or social workers for that matter.

parade of scapegoats
The parade of enemies continues unabated, with new mystified groups of people cropping up all the time (so it seems) to become yet another sacrificial scapegoat group for our frustrated asses.

"Stone-cold killers" say the real stone-cold killers about the small-timers in domestic gangs who *might* kill one or two people out of revenge gone awry. It's the same old game over and over again. These gangs aren't truly threatening (to the 'important' people, that is); if they were, you'd have many more Wacos and COINTEL program-style assasinations of gangmembers.

So why is there this parade of enemies, anyway? What are the architects of thought control and their handlers up to? Chomsky has analyzed that one at length with some of his fool-proof institutional analysis (don't take my word for it, read or ); the big one that began happening in the mid-1970s and started a large momentum by the 1980s was something called ROLLBACK. Suddenly the gangmembers began shooting automatic guns and carrying explosives. Suddenly rumors flew everywhere that they had to start killing each other or "not be a man". Suddenly, the liberal peace movement and all of its visions was speechless and you had to fall back on your programming and trust authority again.

The same with all the other enemies trotted out. Those same values had to be re-instated in our minds, even if a relatively few (only thousands at the time) suffered for it.

Comparing it to what various arms of federally-initiated interests do against other countries, we start to see reality in clear focus. Again, don't believe me, read for yourself. How about a very reputable and charismatic figure, ex-US Marine Corps commander, ex-cia 13-year top level officer, victim of a law banning federal workers to publish books without being reviewed by the feds (or go to jail without trial) John Stockwell. (see: )

Low intensity wars ensue, while we masses hyped to fear and hate, and are mobilized against victims, usually un-attached to formal organizations, responding to insanity in *the only ways they know*.

So you have those groups made into enemies taken out of context with no bridges that help us see reality from their eyes, and it's easy to do as authority tells you and trust in them again.

Demoblicans and other game players
Neither the Democrats, the Republicans, the Greens, the Libertarians, or anyone else is doing anything about this beyond token efforts (like "token blacks"). Isn't that interesting. But not surprising if you've done your homework.

Knowing these truths we can then go into visions which are on par with what the rest of the world has been forced to wake up to; we can mesh our understandings and build on them instead of getting caught up in the "tit for tat" distraction crap that not only takes a lot of our energy away (significantly), but keeps "the way things is" running along smoothly.

Educate yourself
John Stockwell is probably the best source online. Philip Agee is another (I found his book _On The Run_ particularly insightful). www.thirdworldtraveler has an excelling section on the cia and other federal war mongers.

Noam Chomsky in websites above.

Any other suggestions?

How about visions: (focused on going beyond politics into something more direct and informal) (these visionaries have been getting together since the 1970s and continue even as federal attacks build in intensity)

(knowing why the indy media projects are seldom if ever mentioned by the above organizations; indy is just too damn indypendent; not perfect, but still just too damn free!)

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Re: Cops, gangmembers, and low intensity war games: R U statecraft illiterate?

We all must understand that the elites that run the world are psychopaths (sociopaths). The Webster's dictionary of "psychopathic personality: "A disordered state characterized by a clear perception of reality, except for any moral or social obligation and often with a desire for immediate gratification in criminal acts" In other words, they are not restricted by conscience, empathy or remose and so, rise to the top of the human food chain.

At the top of the pyramid racial and even gender traits fall away. Although most are male, women psychopaths imitate the men to join the boys club.

We must stop emulating them They are the scum of the earth.

Human society is like a big melting pot: the ones on the bottom get burned and the SCUM rises to the top.

Check out
By Jerry Russell and Richard Stanley

It will make clear why the world is so violent and messed up and why our "culture" is obsessed with violence, sex—and death.


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