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Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying

"Although it was perfectly appropriate for representatives of the police department to attend that meeting, there have been legitimite questions raised about certain aspects of what took place, and I want to let the public know that the chief of police has opened an internal affairs investigation into these issues. At the conclusion of that process a report will be made to the city council's public safety commitee, which will report to the city council as a whole, and because the investigation is underway, we are not going to comment further."
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Mayour Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying
Santa Cruz Mayor Cynthia Matthews, speaking on revelations that Santa Cruz Police infiltrated Last Night "un" planning meetings.

Jan. 10, 2006

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Re: Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying

Two former mayors, numerous activists, and a broad swath of the community came out to express their outrage and disappointment to the City Council during Oral Communications.

Currently information from the police department is locked down while they perform their own whitewash, I mean, internal investigation. After that, the police chief will report to the city council. In all likelihood, they will solemnly accept it as truth and issue some sage words to the police department to be more careful not to embarrass the city.

Though to the council's credit, one of the council members spoke up to say that the internal investigation was only the first stage to find out what the police know, and it did not rule out further action by the council later.

I assume they will be precisely as responsive to this as we insist they be and no more. So clearly we have a job to do to insist to the city council that as the people's representatives responsible for the city police that they put a stop to this.

Re: Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying

What do you suggest? An independent prosecutor be established? An investigation by the UNHCHR?

Re: Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying

What' I'm interested in knowing in general is what the real list of groups within California that have been monitored via the CATIC or FBI is (if someone had spare time - the Chronicle and Mercury news have never done full reporting on C.A.T.I.C.- and I think everyone would benefit from an in depth report on what they do). When the story about the NSA monitoring phone calls came out a few weeks ago, a second story about domestic monitoring of antiwar/recruitment events, plus of PETa/greenpeace/Peace Fresno/Catholic worker came out.
It was never that clear how this 2nd story related to the first, even though it probably is of more popular interest because on talk radio it was clear that many were interpreting the NSA spying as only focusing on people receiving calls from al qaeda plus having this machine that automatically tapes all int'l calls - but many aren't that alarmed by this. But I bet your generic american would care about spying on Catholic worker.

I first heard about CATIC around 2003 when a series of 200 police advisories were posted on the internet, possibly that 'raisethefist' site where the owner was jailed for what another teen had uploaded.
These memos suggested a group of people who weren't that savvy in tracking down the real organized crime of California. There has to be all sorts of organized identity fraud and money laundering rings, but instead they seemed to be seated by a computer entering search terms into google, and coming up with San Francisco indymedia event listings. So one focus of the memos was reclaim the streets/bicycle events in Berkeley. A very strong emphasis was on animal rights and colleges such as Fresno state where Craig Rosebraugh was speaking-- the focus was so strong that I made a note just to never show up at a college animal rights meeting (in addition to the fact that I support a system of animal rights democratically bestowed by homo sapiens).
The Oakland police showing up in riot gear and very quickly moving to shoot the quakers and peace protesters at the Oakland docks definitely resulted from a CATIC advisory telling them that antagonistic people would be there.

But so what has CATIC been doing lately? I can't believe that these two officers, or the vaguely described monitoring of the antirecruitment at UCSC are the only local interests

Re: Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying

Gee I feel so assured. The police are going to investigate themselves. I'm sure we'll get the real truth. If you believe that I've got a great bridge for sale in San Francisco that I'll sell a piece of real cheap. You will get a percentage of the toll charge everyday for the rest of your life!!!

By the way, what is C.A.T.I.C. that CHP wrote about. I am one of the ignorant ones who have never heard of it

Re: Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying

To all who might still believe our LOCAL GOVT (let's focus on the realities of our influence) truly protects our constitutional rights (my target audience) AND those brave souls who have already learned what our LOCAL GOVT actually does (besides wasting alot of $$), the following is TRUE & EXTREMELY WELL DOCUMENTED & WITNESSED.

I have personally experienced the SCPD steal my vehicles, then repeatedly lie about it (verbally many times, in writing by ex-CHIEF BELCHER) I fought the City Attorney BARISONE (that lying weasel) while he unsuccessfully tried to slap me with an INJUNCTION BARRING ME FROM TALKING TO ANY CITY OFFICE OR EMPLOYEE) in order to deny me the right to obtain City records or to personally PETITION TO REDRESS MY GRIEVANCES (US Const.1st Amendmnt) I was repeatedly and unlawfully denied legal hearings. The City tried to QUASH EVERY ONE OF MY WITNESS SUBPOENAS. On my day in SANTA CRUZ CO SUPERIOR COURT (CV145048- look it up, it's PUBLIC RECORD) CITY MANAGER DICK WILSON COMMITTED PERJURY under my cross-examination. ED PORTER knows this. JUDGE ATACK, in a wise attempt to protect my right for PUBLIC RECORDS DISCLOSURE (GET FAMILIAR w/CA.PUBLIC RECORDS Act 1053 et.seq. Govt. Code -it's a POWERFUL LAW with many uses) negotiated a STIPULATION (agreement between parties) that required the City to RESPOND TO MY INFORMATION REQUESTS FIVE TIMES PER MONTH (Atty BARISONE suggested I get TWO per mo.)
END OF STORY: Over the following 5 mos only 3 of 25 WRITTEN REQUESTS WERE ANSWERED. The truly hard (INCRIMINATING) ones regarding my denied hearings and Wilson's knowledge of same (which HE LIED ABOUT UNDER OATH)were ignored.

In my followups with the SCPD regarding their refusal to disclose what had happened to my two written requests for INVESTIGATION of the incidents under the then existing CPRB (Citizen's Police Review Board)I was told by the SCPD Internal Affairs Officer (I believe it was Sgt Clark at the time) "CHIEF BELCHER CHANGED YOUR INVESTIGATION REQUEST TO AN (ORAL) INQUIRY" "How can he do that?" The sgt.'s reply - and THIS IS AN EXACT QUOTE- "HE CAN DO ANY DAMN THING HE WANTS..THIS IS HIS DEPARTMENT!!"
I later told this to EMILY REILLY in personal meeting. Her reply- "HE CAN'T DO THAT!" But DID REILLY (or ANY of the Council) DO ANYTHING or take any action or make any serious inquiry? (They were all given a detailed letter describing the incident and all that followed) NO -THEY DID NOTHING.
I hate to say this, because I don't generally like to characterize, mis-characterize, or label individuals, especially hard-working govt. officials or employees, BUT YOUR CITY COUNCIL IS GUTLESS when it comes to acknowledging their own administrative errors and city employee malfeasance (though they are always ready to point the finger at the University, or Bush's admini- stration, or whine about state revenue sharing)

I worked for the City of Santa Cruz (83-88) as their Energy Inspector under Chief Building Official Dave Steeves and that hypocritical S.O.B. PETER KATZLEBERGER, Planning Director (who eventually got cut down to his real level when he was arrested for growing marijuana out at his Quail Hollow ranch -he was forced to "retire" -still he draws a fat little pension).
Dave Steeves (God bless his soul) tried very hard to get the City of Santa Cruz to mandate earthquake resistant retrofits to all the old buildings downtown. This was well before the '89 quake. City council and Manager's response? TOO EXPENSIVE!
I guess they found out what EXPENSIVE was, huh.

And why did I leave my (fairly well paying) City Job? Because KATZLEBERGER, in the absence of Chief Building Official Dave Steeves (he took early retirement because he was tired of the planners' BS) tried a MAJOR POWER GRAB -reorganizing the City Planning Dept. personnel as well as remodeling Planning offices. I sat thru that whole chaotic mess for a year trying to get approval for full-time status under a plan check work load that had incresed 400% in 3 yrs. PK took away our plan checkroom and gave it to a couple of gabby junior planners while his own incompetent staff did a total botch job drawing up the "new department office". The planner's own plan had so many legal, practical and technical errors (we weren't supposed to comment) that City Administration finally took the job away and gave it to a competent outside architect.
Meanwhile KATZLEBERGER arranged to put CAROL NELSON, (who never had a degree and couldn't find a window on a floor plan) in a PRINCIPAL PLANNER position -a very questionable & costly in-house promotion-. I personally challenged Carol's job description (written by KATZLEBERGER) before the City's CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION early 88? and they told KATZLEBERGER to go back and re-write it. PK was so mad at my "interference" that he denied my full-time status and farmed out my increased workload to an outside contractor, in violation of SEIU rules. END OF STORY? I walked out when (CAROL'S) Redevelopment staff asked me to unlawfully approve a City Redevelopment building that didn't meet the requirements. I was so stressed I was ready to explode. The reduction back to half-time by PK meant I couldn't pay my rent -lost my housing (I had given up my successful part time solar design business to work the extra city time for a full year). Then the City Personnel Director (IRWIN YOUNG, another lying bureaucratic weasel) unlawfully denied me medical benefits. After a two-year battle, I WON A $40,000 SETTLEMENT against the City of Sta Cruz.

I WON'T GET STARTED ON THE CITY PARKING CONTROL & the City's effort to hide the $$ they've been spending on the GREENBELT. (I sat on the GREENBELT COMMITTEE for 1yr.+ 1990? as a SPORTSFIELD ADVOCATE). ENOUGH FOR NOW.

Want to trade tales or TAKE ACTION? Call me 335-4703 or E-Mail jhondg (at)

Re: Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying

Was that Robert Norse posting as John D. Golder? It shore does sound like him.


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