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Social Disorder

Friday January 13, 2006 at 03:05 PM

Social Disorder
by peptide Friday, Jan 13 2006, 12:39am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

The subversion of law and ‘order’ has been effectively and completely realised, not by revolutionary, rebel, insurgent groups and associated ideologies, but by the custodians of social order themselves. The process was essentially (d)evolutionary not revolutionary. An elementary student would have little difficulty understanding the character of the ‘New World Disorder’ and the forces that created this new social nightmare. The USA stands, in plain sight, as the most criminal, murderous, terrorist state in the world today.

The following analysis applies the ‘KISS’ (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle at all times – it has proven itself to be the most effective and accessible of all methodologies regardless of field or discipline.

It is now a proven and widely known fact that the USA invaded Iraq illegally; the ‘existence’ of WMDs and the claim that Sadam Hussein was associated with Bin Laden’s terrorist group have been proven totally false. Furthermore, it is also widely known that the USA fabricated these lies in order to deceive the world and justify the criminal invasion (in order to exploit the oil resources of that nation). The most simplistic legal system on the planet would now view America and its few allies as criminally liable. Yet the criminals responsible for these crimes not only remain free but continue to multiply their offences. When criminals hijack government – expect nothing less!

I put this simple but profound in its implication question to all, especially those hypocrites who feign religiosity: would any material resource, oil or otherwise, justify the death of one innocent child? Your answer to this question defines who and what you are and those forces you serve. The reader will note that the American administration has already answered this question. The innocent casualties of the Iraq invasion and occupation number in the tens of thousands. America has a history of spilling the blood of innocents for the filth that is money!

Any person in uniform or otherwise that would kill on behalf of an illegal invader is a murderer. International Law does not recognise the legitimacy of any illegal invader – as the historical record amply details. In a futile effort to defend its criminal actions (invasion and subsequent torture of prisoners) America attempts to redefine legal categories that the Geneva Convention has previously clearly defined. Every aspect of the Bush regime is of the most heinous criminal character, which today is clearly evident.

I would remind the invading and occupying forces that your actions are not justified in any military sense – they are purely criminal. Though you may wish otherwise, it is you who will ultimately pay the price for the spilling of innocent blood; Rumsfeld has already ‘walked’ from the responsibility of torture charges – your superiors could care less for anything other than themselves.

The broader social consequences of criminal behaviour and the flagrant disregard of law and convention by government are enormous though not immediately obvious. Populations observe their leaders deploying deception, deceit, brutality, greed and self-interest above all other considerations. A nation that would despoil and defile the sanctity of an innocent child’s life has sealed its own fate. The implication here is social and legal, notwithstanding a greater theological import. Regardless of viewpoint these actions are abhorrent to all humanity. Which nation today leads the world in perversity? Ask your children for an answer!

The enemy is within; it is neither communist, socialist, anarchist, ‘terrorist’; it is capitalist and corporate. The latest ‘offering’ from this group is refusal to comply with the urgent need to reduce greenhouse pollution. The excuse offered was that it would have an inhibiting influence on “economic growth!? This insane statement in the face of impending calamity is typical. Those who would place the filth that is money above the lives of our children and all other life on this planet are criminals.

Historically there is a recurrent pattern of the criminally insane hijacking or stealing the reigns of power; the consequences for humanity have always been dire; the forthcoming catastrophe will make all before it pale into insignificance.

Economic growth is biological death.

Every form of life on the planet has encoded in its chemistry, mechanisms (behavioural) that welcome death. When a life form becomes destructive (overpopulation etc) these forces are triggered – did you think that infinite existence (which is Life itself) would allow the continuation of a particular disharmony to effect overall cosmic harmony? Ask George W Bush, his handlers and all the extremist leaders on the planet for an answer, they are sure to get it ‘right’.

Perhaps now you know why you are physically, morally and spiritually paralysed in the face of the most heinous circumstances!

All your religions, beliefs, political ideologies etc have failed, they all promise utopias, heaven, paradise but deliver death!

Who among you choses Life?

We are One


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