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Pics From Walk For Life Demo and Counterdemo in SF Jan 21, 2006

There were a few thousand or so protesters on both sides of the abortion issue in SF on Jan 21, 2006.
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NOW Pro-Choice Protesters
The Walk For Life march proceeded from Justin Herman Plaza to Fisherman's Warf, along the Embarcadero in San Francisco on Saturday Jan 21, 2006. A few thousand people walked in the Walk For Life main parade that went down the center of the Embarcadero street. About 1/2 that many counter-demonstrators (pro choice) walked along the sidewalk, separated from the main march by a line of police on motorcycles. According to the channel 4 news, there was only one arrest, of a person apparently unrelated to either side of the demonstrations. Also, according to the news (which had better reception than the reporter standing in the crowd) not all of the pro-lifers were rabid Republicans. Some Democrats were in the pro-life crowd because they believed that the conditions that lead to a woman getting an abortion (poor living conditions for example) needed to be fixed to reduce the incidence of abortion.

This reporter did see that there was some police intimidation. A collection of pro-choice drummers had assembled at 10:30 AM in Justin Herman Plaza in the midst of the gathering of pro-life demonstrators. After awhile, they were told by police that if they continued to make a ruckus on the drums and bullhorns that the police would go into the crowd and solicit a complaint for a citizens arrest. The charge would be "disrupting a public gathering". The drummers stopped drumming for awhile, until they walked over to Pier 1 thru Pier 9 where the other counterdemonstrators had assembled.

The march proceeded down the Embarcadero to Marina Green Park. This reporter left early due to lack of sunscreen, but the organizers of the counterdemo were prepared to hold a rally at Marina Green Park as soon as the pro-life marchers went past to a different location.

Though the pro-choice people were yelling chants calling the pro-life people racist, sexist and anti-gay, the pro-life people had members carying signs proclaiming that they were "real feminists" or that they were "gays against abortion". To be fair, about 25% of the pro-life people were carying signs that stated they regretted either having an abortion or having a partner who had an abortion (in the case of the few men carying such signs). The rest had signs saying: "Women deserve better than abortion". The pro-choice people chanted "Women deserve better, they deserve a choice".

What is my editorial position on the subject? I explained to one young woman who asked me that I think that abortion is ok, for sure, in say the first week of pregnancy when RU-486 may be typically used. But at the other end of the spectrum, terminating a fetus at 8 months is wrong, because it could probably survive in an incubator if it had been born prematurely. Where to draw a line in the middle of this mess, if Congress or the voters decide to make the attempt, will probably have us debating the issue until the end of time.
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Bush Step Down
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Pro-Choice side lines sidewalk along the Embarcadero.
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US Out Of My Uterus
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Pro-Choice Raging Grannies
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Real Feminists Are Pro-Life
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Abortion Hurts Women
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Pro-Choice demonstrators line the parade route (green ballons).
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Counter-counter-demonstrator infiltrates the Pro-Choice crowd.

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Re: Pics From Walk For Life Demo and Counterdemo in SF Jan 21, 2006

Here are some more pictures:


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