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Congressman Kucinich, John Robbins, and Marianne Williamson Inspire at Civic

...inspiring, motivating, a call for the courage to act. Neighborly, fear abating, delineating the causes of violence including our own dietary habits. 60's retro, vanquished communal hippie dreams, sober look at how our drug-dazed young minds let those assasinations scare us away from politics.

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[ Announcement I Dennis J. Kucinich I John Robbins I Marianne Williamson ]
Inspiring, motivating, a call for the courage to act. Neighborly, fear abating, delineating the causes of violence including our own dietary habits. 60's retro, vanquished communal hippie dreams, sober look at how our drug-dazed young minds let those assasinations scare us away from politics.

Yeah, it was packed full of old farts, many who've been hiding in the woods around Boulder Creek seemingly showed up just to prove that while cynicism and apathy have been running rampant those attitudes haven't been altogether victorious.

Personally, I got a lift in spirit when Marianne Williamson came in; she told me that she had given money to For me, impeachment is the most important issue of our time. If we fail to demand impeachment now, our message is one of acceptance and approval of this administrations crimes. The future will pay for our silence.

I felt a little sorry for Dennis Kucinich, he had two really hard acts to follow. Politicians have a whale of a time speaking after two inspiring visionaries such as Williamson and Robinson, but I liked his Dept. Of Peace ideas and the way he showed how domestic violence reverberates throughout society.

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Re: Congressman Kucinich, John Robbins, and Marianne Williamson Inspire at Civic

The event at the Civic was epic. John Robbins was outstanding, deep and inpactful. So completely credible and impressive. Totally right on. Marianne Williamson was fully inspired, activating, funny, and cut through all kinds of cob webs of the mind. Dennis Kucinich represents, in my opinion, our best hope to bring up the issues that can wake up America. He is our best chance, and represents everything that I believe in. The audience was ecstatic, and was often roaring with applause and energy. The vibes were very high, and the event was sold out.

Hardly full of "old farts", there were tons of all kinds of people. It was Santa Cruz's finest!

The after party at the Vet's Hall was the next level in getting to know Dennis. I personally think his presentation was much better at the Vet's Hall, which was also totally packed to the brim. He was more relaxed, fielded questions extremely well, and really showed his passion and intelligence and courage in a way that did not come out as much at the Civic in my opinion. Some of the most amazing people I know in this area are supporting the Kucinich campaign, and the energy was very tangible. Electrifying would be the word really, and a sense of renewed hope is rising in many of our hearts, that yes, we can turn the tide of darkness, fascism, and militarism that this current regime represents.

I am going to put my all into supporting Dennis Kucinich as the Democratic candidate that can reclaim our Democracy, and bring back the true spirit of America. I was honored to be there.

Re: Congressman Kucinich, John Robbins, and Marianne Williamson Inspire at Civic

Question for those who attended either Kucinich event. Did Dennis give any political update on whether any other Congresspeople have joined him in calling for removing the troops from Iraq NOW?
Farr hasn't, as far as I know, nor (strangely) has Barbara Lee, according to her office several weeks ago.

The City Council resolutions (by Porter and Kennedy) demanding a withdrawal of troops was itself withdrawn after being four times delayed. Phone Council at 420-5017 if you want to register your concern.

Re: Congressman Kucinich, John Robbins, and Marianne Williamson Inspire at Civic

I went to the fund-raiser after the Civic but left shortly after making my donation to his campaign. 'Stoked' nailed it regarding the magic of both events. I didn't get a chance to hear Kucinich much at the fundraiser, but everyone I've talked to pretty much agree with 'Stoked' that Kucinich was in better form at the fundraiser.
Kucinich wasn't allowed to talk specifically about his campaign at the Civic because it was a non-profit event, so that was a further hindrance to his spontaneity. The event btw, raised revenue beyond everyone's expectations. People spoke not only with ovations and applause but with their wallets about the hope they felt.

Although I wholeheartedly support Kucinich, something Marianne said struck a resonant chord in me. These days we need to realize the power of the choir, we shouldn't focus on the soloists too much right now; we've learned that they know how to deal with soloists. Kucinich's campaign, although I love the way some have called it 'the little campaign that could', probably will not move the Democratic party to nominate him and the same political chores will be left undone as before his entry into the limelight. The growth of the choir will be our success.

I still wish Dennis would call for impeachment. He wondered aloud why the public wasn't calling on President Bush, demanding that he explain why he lied to us. Well, maybe if our gutsy congress members called for the formal, patriotic method of dealing with lying presidents, the people would follow. No, impeachment isn't pleasant. It's nowhere near as fun and inspiring as dreaming of a new world where everyone has enough to eat, everyone has a home, and justice prevails. Impeachment is like the subject of a broken sewer line, it isn't pleasant, yet when it happens it needs attention right away. Right now, the shit is backing up and the house stinks. The stench, and disease that permeates gets worse because the willingness to clean up isn't there. Impeachment isn't about hating Bush; it's about protecting the constitution from contamination by using its own built-in clean outs. But it will take a great deal of determination and the willingness to step into the shit. At least you can be sure that you're doing something patriotic by joining with the first roto-rooters of our country, the authors of Declaration of Independence, who rooted out the first criminal George

Re: Congressman Kucinich, John Robbins, and Marianne Williamson Inspire at Civic

TO the IMC administrators: Why can't I title my own comment? IMHO this DADA software SUCKS. IMC SC was fine the way it was when I didn't have to click five links to read a story...

My own title, extra click required

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People are working hard to make dadaIMC as good as they can get it.

I agree that sc-imc was fine the way it was on the original software, but it had a couple downsides too.

And the way things were explained to me, we needed to get off the overloaded stallman server. We tried for a long time to get sf-active and space on their server, but after so many efforts to make it happen with sf, they never came through with the server space. But then sc-imc got an offer for server space with Zero and with that came the dadaIMC software. It was a package deal.

I know there are still problems with the site, such as uploading audio, but do you notice how much quicker text is uploaded (photos as well).

and what do you mean about having to click 5 links to read a story? That seems the same to me.
The article title is on the newswire and then one click takes you to the article...

Re: Imagine America event, new indy website comments

Click on image for a larger version

There have been a couple articles in the Sentinel about the event...
Ramona Turner's article:

As I read Ramona's article, I wondered whether she actually attended. I couldn't help but wonder why they assigned this event to the traffic column person. It seems to me that
Jeanene Harlick or Brian Seales would have written a report that reflected the event, but hey, that's why we read indy media right?

Staff article:

Regarding the new site, the old site seemed to work great, wasn't cluttered, and was easy to navigate, but now that I'm getting used to the new one, I really like it, especially the media gallery idea.

Me and Bear took a trip recently up through the valley, through Oregon, Washington across to Idaho and into Montana. We took a lot of pics; on our way we stopped by Travis AFB to look at the pretty planes our tax dollars were paying for, we stopped at Genentech to look into their improvements on Nature, and we stopped at our state capitol to see if Gray Davis could maybe do something about the bums hanging out on the capitol grounds. We were amazed while traveling, especially through Spokane and Eastward through Idaho and Montana, at how caked with yellow ribbons and USA flags most public places were. Lots and lots of businesses had signs asking God to bless America, our troops, and our noble president. It seemed that there was genuine competition to see who could be the most patriotic. We didn't see any of those annoying indy rags with unpatriotic headlines either, nor anything but a full bouquet of Christianity and family values on the radio. Everywhere we went patriotic support of our president was seen and felt. There were a few exceptions though, most notably Eugene, Seattle, and Coeur D'alene. These places still had a few of those pesky protesters. What's the matter with them, don't they realize we've won the war and saved Iraq from Saddam Hussein? In Eugene, there was a small group of 'em that called themselves Rhythm not Rhetoric who dared to drum right there on the steps of the Federal building.

Many people we met on our journey were angry over our Impeach Bush pins and placards, but we explained that we just want to give President Bush a chance to explain once and for all to the congress and the naysayers why he told us things that weren't true. It will also allow him a venue to explain why the constitution really isn't necessary anymore. Impeachment will be a wonderful question and answer period for President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, Secretary Of Defense Rumsfeld and Attorney General Ashcroft to unfurl their view of the future.

Unfortunately when we got home, someone came into our home and stole our laptop containing all the pics. Could it be that a real patriot was worried that we presented a terrorist threat? Afterall, we did ask annoying questions and took pictures of Travis AFB, Fort Lewis, state capitol buildings and many city halls. Combine that with the possible misunderstanding about me and Bear's impeachment desires, it might have made someone think we were less than patriotic and maybe even angry enough to terrorize. In any event, me and Bear were sad to lose the documentation of our journey.

I emailed many pics back home while I was on my trip, unfortunately, so as not to needlessly worry my family about me 'n Bear's more controversial escapades, I sent the least inflammatory ones and stored the rest on my laptop.

I've lost the socio/political photo commentary I wanted to post here, but I think the new media gallery is a fine opportunity for anyone wanting post such matter. Especially those of us who feel we could do a better job saying what we want to say using pictures rather than words.

Here's a couple of the ones we have left:
Click on image for a larger version

Click on image for a larger version

Click on image for a larger version

Click on image for a larger version

Click on image for a larger version


Added title option for comments - dada software

In response to Vinny's comment we have added a title option for quick comments.

I wanted to comment (sorry for forking from the thread) that dada is actually an extremely robust and *well* supported software and is being touted in international indymedia discussions as one of the most promising platforms out there.

It has many capabilities that we are just learning to utilize and problems with it may actually be due to SCIMC's newness to the platform itself.

Feedback is encouraged to get it fine tuned.

Fuck Kucinich

The idea that imperialism can be solved within the murderous frame-work of capitalism and the leadership of the pro-war Democrat Party makes me state: some activists are new to politics but others are just stupid and still others are bought off.

The homepage for Liberation News can be found at

People may subscribe to the list by sending email to
liberation_news-subscribe (at)

Re: Fuck Kucinich

Steve, I can't say I agree with here. It sounds like he is pushing for the truth to come out. It seems like saying, "Fuck Kucinich" is a great way to further isolate the liberation struggle.

I wonder if I would be: stupid, new to politics, or bought off. Perhaps some of all three...

- - -

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, leader of Congressional opposition to the Iraq war, took to the House floor today to continue pressing for the truth about the Administration's drive to war:

"The credibility gap is growing. First the Administration said the US had to sweep aside the UN inspections and the UN Security Council because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that were an imminent threat. Now, Paul Wolfowitz says: 'The truth is that for reasons that have a lot to do with the US government bureaucracy, we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on, which was weapons of mass destruction as the core reason.'

"Now their story is changing: Iraq had a weapons 'program,' they say. No longer weapons of mass destruction, but a program. If this Administration can fabricate reasons for war after the fact, where will America be headed for war next?

"Congress must demand accountability for the wanton exercise of war power, for the loss of life, the destruction of property, the waste of tax dollars and the damage to America's reputation. Thirty-three members of the House have now signed the Resolution of Inquiry to demand the White House tell the truth."

Kucinich's Resolution of Inquiry, demanding the Administration turn over intelligence to back its pre-war claims about Iraq, was introduced Thursday and has growing support. It is a privileged resolution and must be voted on in Committee within 14 legislative days of being introduced.

Having led Congressional opposition to the Iraq war and Bush foreign policy since last summer, Dennis Kucinich is now campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination on a platform of peace, justice, equal rights and sustainability.

For a quick view of his platform:

For a fuller look at the Kucinich campaign:


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