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SC call your Sen. and ask her to support S.1046!!

S. 1046 could help create an independent and less monopolized media. But why isn't Sen. Feinstein signed on to it??
PHONE: (202) 224-3841
FAX: (202) 228-3954
CA PHONE NUMBERS: 415/393-0707 (San Francisco); 310/914-7300 (Los
through Feinstein?s website):
On June 2, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to meet the
demands of big media corporations and allow a handful of them to own even
more media outlets than they already have. We have already seen the effects
of the 1996 media deregulation: five television companies--General Electric
(MSNBC and NBC), News Corp (Fox), Disney (ABC), AOL-Time Warner (CNN),
and Viacom (CBS)--have a stranglehold on what information the public gets
to know, and corporate radio behemoths like Clear Channel Communications
devour local radio stations and replace them with McRadio.
If the FCC decision is allowed to stand, the situation will get even
worse‹competition, diversity, and local content in media will be
undermined in communities across the country.
The good news is that on June 19, the Senate Commerce Committee
responded to the public outcry against the FCC decision. It approved Se
nate Bill
S.1046, and added several amendments that, if approved and passed into law,
could address the creation of a more independent and less monopolized media.
Now our job is to get our Senators and Representatives to act on our
behalf and support this legislation. The first step is to get as many Senators
as possible to co-sponsor S. 1046. So far, there are 35 co-sponsors of the
legislation. California Senator Barbara Boxer became a co-sponsor after
thousands of calls from her constituents. But Sen. Dianne Feinstein's
name is conspicuously absent from the list!
Tens of millions of Americans have been awakened to the reality that
media ownership decisions are integral to the protection of communities,
cultural diversity, and democracy itself. Please call Sen. Feinstein?s office
today and insist that she represent her constituents by co-sponsoring and
actively supporting S. 1046.
If you would rather send an email, a sample letter is below. You must
nd the email through Sen. Feinstein's website:
Dear Sen. Feinstein,
I am writing to urge you to co-sponsor S. 1046, the bill that would
overturn parts of the recent FCC decision to give more power to media
corporations. Our democracy depends on an independent and diverse media that will
inform people about the issues that affect our lives. The recent FCC vote
jeopardizes this lynchpin of our democracy.
A single media company should not be allowed to own two local TV broadcast
stations (three in the largest markets), the leading newspaper, the  local
cable company, and a large number of radio stations in one market.  The
FCC was wrong to allow it. You have the opportunity to preserve the
diversity of owners and viewpoints that makes our democratic system function.
On June 19, the Senate Commerce Committee took the first step to overturn
the FCC decision. It approved Senate Bill S.1046, and added several
ments that, if approved and passed into law, could address the
creation of a more independent and less monopolized media.
I am surprised that you are not among the 35 co-sponsors of S. 1046 and
urge you to support this and other legislation that would overturn the new
FCC media ownership rules. Californians do not want fewer companies
controlling most of our media.
For more information on the recent FCC decision, legislation to
overturn the
decision, and media ownership issues, see these websites:
Free Press:
Reclaim the Media:
To read the statements of the FCC Commissioners who voted against the
new media ownership rules, see:
FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein's Statement:
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps' Statement
This action alert is being circulated by Global Exchange
(www.g and Media Alliance

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Support S.1046?? Why another law?

Couldn't a "more independent and less monopolized media" come from less law, rather than more? Specifically, couldn't more diversity find its way on the air if the FCC wasn't standing in the way, saying who could and couldn't be a broadcaster, and authorizing new licensees to stomp all over existing radio squatters (as a Christian radio station was recently authorized to do, in taking over Freak Radio Santa Cruz's 96.3 FM frequency and crowding out our long-time Pirate radio station over much of its former coverage area)?

Why do you fixate on shuffling the Titanic's deck chairs? Why do you waste energy and precious time to support affirmations of government authority to make the rules of broadcasting, such as S. 1046? Do you think that passage of this measure would lead to any real victory? When will you see that begging the government to solve problems it caused in the first place can ever only bring new problems and re-start the sorry cycle anew?

When will you quit tugging your forelocks at power and realize that the government is supposed to work for you? When will you assert your right to change the parts of government that are no longer serving their purposes? When will you demand that people like Freak Radio Santa Cruz are to be treated as criminals no more? When hell freezes over?


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