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Santa Cruz Chemtrail activism highlighted on Coast to Coast AM !

Santa Cruz was mentioned repeatedly for the activism that has been done here and for the excellent local site:
Award winning researcher William Thomas was on Coast to Coast AM last night with George Norey. He gave a highly professional, well researched, and hard hitting expose of the Aerosol Chemical Spray Operations that are going on all over the USA, Canada and beyond.

Santa Cruz was mentioned repeatedly for the activism that has been done here and for the excellent local site:

The site recieved over 1,500 hits in under 10 hours and is on track to hit over 2,000 hits in a 24 hour period!

It's not a matter of if,
it's a question of what and why.

The've got to stop spraying chemicals
in our sky.

They call me Chicken Little,
but my real name is Galileo.


Look Up! Wake Up! Speak Out! The War is Here!

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The Methodic Demise of Planet Earth

~An Environmental Impact Overview~
By Dr. R. Michael Castle


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Posted: 27 March 2004

In this century, we believe we are witnessing the gradual, purposeful demise of the Earth's Natural System. There are those who will debunk/dis-info all that is written regarding the subject of this paper: ChemTrails. What's this? ChemTrails are only a vague description, in lay-terms, of a greater theater of toxic materials being released into the atmosphere/stratosphere, for a myriad of crude and toxic agendas.

The author, Dr. R. Michael Castle, will attempt to put this Global debacle into a profile of events. Technical specificity of all the identified components would require at least a book in length, to recite them all. A short Bibliography follows, and links to various pertinent documents of unquestionable validity.

First Rule of Understanding: There are very large, winner-take-all games orchestrated by the Global Interests of the World. We have investigated, researched and found substantial evidence of a multiplicity of Global operations designed to mitigate various and theoretical Global catastrophes, as defined by a late 1980's and 1990's International Panel of Conferees. (The value of who are they, what's the politics smell like and all that is not of the utmost importance in our attempt, herein, to describe what serious destruction they have caused and are causing to Humans and our Finite Environment. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

Many of the operations we have collectively found in our investigations of this debacle have remained a secret, classified and not for general populace information or knowledge. You must answer the question, Dear Reader as to why someone would possibly deploy these Geo-weapons. Just follow the money trails. We will yield all of our voluminous data, information and all references we have used in our validation of facts surrounding this Global atrocity. The recipients of this information must be interested enough in what we are trying to expose, the Human-health risks, the Environmental risks and the plain, simple "wrongness" that prevails. We must determine first if you are provoked to really care, because the research and development of this information for a Major Media whistle-blowing expose will require passion and dedication. Our research work has spanned almost five years of....watching and discovering, with disgust, the scenarios which follow.

This is not a small task.....but the Mission is simple. Expose and Stop the Methodic Demolition of our Natural Earth and its inhabitants.

Executive Summary

Dr. Edward Teller wrote a white paper in the late 1990's describing a remedial operation, strategy, epic-in-proportion, to change the predicted course of what was believed by an International group of Scientists, including Dr. Edward Teller, Livermore National Laboratories, et al, to be the cataclysmic certainty from the results of global-warming, crisis level Ultra-Violet/Cosmic radiation, crisis Ozone-layer depletion and other theoretical doom. (Edward Teller's "Sun Screen" Document - PDF: Demonstrating here, that the same mind, Dr. Edward Teller, Father H-Bomb, was responsible for many ill-conceived strategies and not one gave considerations to the consequences in the Human realm. Safety, toxicity, lethality, exposure, Environmental Impact, morality, were not words with which Dr. Teller had a high-degree of familiarity. (WHO IS EDWARD TELLER?:

These Global-Warming Mitigation Strategies, UV Mitigation and the cessation of the effects of Atmospheric Greenhouse-gases were given a commonality by Teller, et al, and this was the use of a sub-micron particulate. Barium, Aluminum, Thorium, Selenium were to be processed into a sub-micron particle dispensed from high-altitude aircraft, ionized with a specific electrical charge. (BARIUM FLUORIDE OPTICAL CRYSTAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: (Chemtrails and Barium - absorption & inhalation .. see links below)(2003 Chemtrails over America (Scroll down to: RADIO FREQUENCY MISSION PLANNER): We must surmise that ionization keeps the specific heavy metal particulate aloft for longer periods of time. This electronically charged particulate matrix might also be the perfect RF control field. Theoretically, the heavy metals would block and reflect the sunlight from entering the Earth's atmosphere and reflect 1-2% back into space. UV radiation levels would decline. Teller also recommended the use of Commercial Aircraft as-well-as-Military Aircraft to carry out the enormous and epic task of coverage to the Earth's Stratosphere. We believe that the weaponization use of these technologies has been well demonstrated for a US DOD program entitled "RF Dominance". The US Air Force VTRP and the Navy's RFMP are other military programs utilizing aerosolized heavy metal particulates, including aluminized fiberglass or chaffe are characteristic of current military operations. ([2025] Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025:

CIA-led Project Cloverleaf was one of the initial "aerosolized heavy-metal particulate" operations. Massive spraying of the upper-atmosphere/Stratosphere commenced. The U.S. DOD operations soon followed, as the US Air Force became embedded in the overall operations, strategically. The U.S. Air Force would also play significantly into the expansion of a significant Global-Warming Mitigation strategies in the form of Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering practices. (AF2025 v3c15-1 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning... | (Ch 1): (Carnicom - Aerosol Operations:

Federally Approved Contractors became involved in this massive, Global effort to save Earth from certain doom. Federal Approved Contractors, FAC's, were part of the research, Development and deployment aspects of these projects, and many of them have visited the premiere website (Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming: US Patent: 5,003,186-Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding: Click Here)9 (See - Visitors) FAC Academia, multi-National Corporations, U.S. Military/Industrial Complex/Corporations, became eager partners in this effort. One in particular, Hughes Aircraft Corporation of California turned research efforts towards this endeavor.

Thorium and oxides, Aluminum and Silicon carbide have been identified in a special mixture referred to generally as Welsbach Refractory Seeding Agents US Patent 5, 003,186. - March 26, 1991 (Aerosol Programs Patently Obvious: This patent was assigned and awarded in 1990 to Hughes Aircraft Corporation. The Welsbach Refractory Seeding under unrestricted deployment operations began in the early 1990's over a vast area of Stratosphere above the North American Continent. (HAARP HOME PAGE: Expanding over the entire western hemisphere, many operations were believed to have been enjoined in Ozone Depletion Mitigation Aerial operations of the US Air Force, connected to the HAARPs (High Frequency Active Aural Research Project) for Ionospheric Heating, located in Alaska ) Ozone Remediation was 1 of 3 active mission parameters for HAARPs, as defined by Dr. Bernard Eastlund, Inventor and Director of HAARPs. The Ionospheric Heating Research Facility was manned and operated by the US Air Force (Reserve) and the US Navy. HAARPs had been weaponized; therefore, all operations were and remain classified. (Correspondence with Dr. Bernard Eastlund: Space Based Weather Control: The Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite: (Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison: PCMDI Home Page:

Weather Modification/Climate Change

HAARPs is utilized for many clandestine missions, of which Weather Modification is a fundamental objective. Microwave, ELF (Extreme Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency) and other EMR/EMF-based systems are transmitted into the atmosphere and reflected by the ionosphere, back through the Earth's Stratosphere/Atmosphere where various airborne chemical particulates, polymer filaments and other electromagnetic frequency absorbers and reflectors are used to push or pull the prevailing Jet-Streams, changing Weather patterns. (Note: Vast files of our research are available on the particulate, polymers, Microwave, ELF, VLF & EMG, etc) In many instances, Drought Inducement Technologies have been found in patented systems. Drought Inducement occurs, according to reviewed technologies by heating the Stratosphere with Microwaves, placing airborne chemical particulates in the airspace and thereby changing the base-line moisture gradients via microwaves from HAARPs and desiccating chemically with Barium Titanates, Methyl Aluminum and Potassium mixtures. (Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison: PCMDI Home Page:

HAARPs punches massive holes in the open-air column Ozone, electronically. This is the basis for the Ozone Remediation/Mitigation Strategies found associated with HAARPs. However, "patching" the holes in the Ozone layer has become a standard practice for US Air Force and FAC flight operations. The US Air Force has recently, 2001-2002, resorted to the utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) technology. High-flying Stratospheric Robotic Platforms negate the manned operation factors. Robots don't complain and never talk and remain, forever, non-union. Welsbach Seeding and Ozone Hole Remediation sciences utilize chemistries that are toxic to Humans and the Environment.

Welsbach Refractory Agents use Aluminum, Thorium, Zirconium and other emissitivity-refractive metals and metals oxides. Thorium is elementally, 98% purity. The remaining 2% are identified radioactive materials. Ground-fall includes Thorium. Mid and Eastern Canada are suffering from what has been clinically identified as Thorium poisoning. There are no other base-line resources for Thorium, all from residuals of aerosolized heavy metal particulate spraying into the Stratosphere.

Alaska Flight 261

One other observation has been made regarding Welsbach refractory agents - the extreme abrasion characteristics of some of the other patented components, namely, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide. These materials are extremely high MOH's Hardness and only second in abrasativity to Diamond. These 1 micron and sub-micron dusts, upon falling through the Atmosphere, could conceivably find deposition onto a somewhat, adhesive surface, inside the working flight components of all aircraft traveling through the "grit-plume". The greases used on the Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers, Ailerons, Flaps and Landing Gear trucks may be seriously damaged with abrasion of metals on the aircraft. A horizontal-stabilizer Jack-Screw continuously coated with these highly abrasive dusts from the Welsbach Refractory materials will cause a gradual milling of the jack-screw metals and cause complete failure, jamming the flight controls into an uncontrollable down or up attitude configuration. We believe that Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was a victim of this unforeseen circumstance. Alaska Flight 261 made daily passage through heavy grit plumes from ChemTrails operations associated with Welsbach Refractory Seeding operations, principally along the West Coast of the US, down throughout Dallas, Texas.

Other aircraft, Commercial and Military, Civilian have also suffered these flight-component failures and attributed them to sub-standard Aviation Machinist's quality. As did the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) in the Alaska Flight 261 aviation fatalities. These conclusions could not have been farther from the Truth in these matters. Collateral damage or just another consequence of ChemTrails?

Ozone-Hole Remediation - The composition most notably utilized in Ozone-hole patching is elemental Selenium and an Aromatic Hydrocarbon such as Toluene (Benzene component of Gasoline) and mixed isomers of Xylene. Sprayed from Stratospheric flying Aircraft, films of this toxic mixture fall into the area just above the Troupopause, the Ozone Layer. Ozone or triatomic Oxygen forms rapidly upon the irradiation of the Selenium and the Hydrocarbon with Ultra-Violet/Actinic sunlight. This is the identical photon/chemical reaction that causes Ozone Alert Days and is problematic. The solid-state reaction of Selenium and Ultra-violet radiation is the same as the reaction that occurs during Xerography. Copy machines generate minute amounts of Ozone when the Selenium Toners are irradiated with UV light sources.

The US/NASA TOMS (Total Ozone Mapping) Satellites have verified these Ozone Patching operations that occur principally over the northern sectors of the North American Continent. We have been studying these phenomena since the early 2000 time line. (TOMS -- Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer:

Ground-fall Impacts of Selenium/Aromatic Hydrocarbons - The aromatic Hydrocarbon, when ground fall occurs, (there is substantial evidence that this has repeatedly occurred in the United States and Canada) is causative of Benzene over-exposure. Carcinogenicity of Benzene is known, not suspect. Surface water pollution with Benzene is a continuous threat.

Selenium poisoning is characteristic of most heavy metals including Lead (Pb).

Weather Modification - An integral part of the US Department of Energy's (US DOE) Global-Warming/UV Mitigation/Climate Change, Strategies. Led by the US Air Force, as a distinct Geo-Weapons method, Weather Modification is occurring on a Global basis. (AIR FORCE 2025 FINAL REPORT: This Executive Summary will be confined to ChemTrails deployment in the United States and Canada due to the expansive nature of a global theatre.

Professional independent investigators have retrieved numerous samples of soils and waters; these were analyzed and documented. Extensive testing has demonstrated the highly suspicious toxic levels of Barium and Methyl Aluminum in many areas of the United States and Canada that have no extraneous sources of these heavy-metals. The sample retrieval areas have been documented for extreme ChemTrails observation. Accompanied by verbal and written complaints to many Public Health Care Agencies, causes for the elevated levels of Barium and Aluminum found in the bloodstream were not forthcoming; just another clinical conundrum. (See Attachment - Chemtrails Pertinent Links)

Conclusions - Although this summary is only a fraction of the overall ChemTrails debacle, we encourage impartial investigators and/or credible news journalists to assess this core information and either validate or refute our findings, thus far. The entirety of the Human Health suffering and the Environmental Impacts are staggering and too voluminous to write at this time. Other aerosol-related programs will be discussed at a follow-up session. Moreover, biological materials and genetically mutated fungi used as biocontrols may even be more damaging and egregious to Humans or the Environment than chemical-based aerosolized chemical materials sprayed into the atmosphere. (RIZZO DM - Oak Tree Sudden Death:

All of the chemical spraying operations have been conducted and deployed without public knowledge and not one Human Health Risk Assessment nor Environmental Impact Study has been submitted for Public and Civil scrutiny or for comments. This alone is an egregious violation of Civil, Environmental and International Laws, with respect to Treaties.

The Natural Earth's biological systems are slowly beginning to fail. Rhizobacteria-endomycorrhizae, a critical microbial organism, is slowly becoming extinct in soils due to Barium and Aluminum heavy-metal toxicities. This microbe is responsible for the transfer of nutrients from soils-matrix to the plants/trees feeder-root system. The Barium/Aluminum heavy-metal salts are alkaline, i.e. Barium Hydroxide, and are shifting the base-line pH of surface soils and waters to new highs - elevated enough that certain plant species cannot survive. According to our experts in this field, without this microbe, natural plant growth is impossible. The ChemTrails are spoiling our Infinite Natural Eco-System and no one is watching, albeit the evidence for microbial extinction events abound.

The events of the 1990's were characterized with phrases such as; "re-inventing" Commerce, Government, etc., are uniquely defined by the clandestine operations carried forth by the embedded personnel of US Agencies, in collaboration with International Alliances with subjects such as Weather Control, Food and Water Control and expansion of pharmaceuticals treating new diseases, all having direct linkage to what we have compressed into something that is called ChemTrails. Does this story interest you in the least?

We, a group of concerned individuals from around the World, numbering in the millions, are now extremely convinced that we are witnessing the methodic demise of the Natural Earth in the name of Commerce and Control, big Corporate and a hideous form of Socialism via the Military Industrial Complex. The technologies identified in ChemTrails are crude, poisonous and lethal. The bankrupt independent Farmer of the United States and Canada never knew that the Drought that had-no-end and destroyed their businesses was actually contrived. Seems though, all their properties were purchased for pennies-on-the-dollar by either International Farming interests or International Grain-Farming interests and all that is grown and harvested on these farms are genetically mutated grains and foodstuff, most likely with a Monsanto Patented Product. These farms do not take USDA Subsidies either. Well, that's good for the US Taxpayer, right? This is the emergence of the Food Weapon.

Our ultimate mission is to develop Legislation for the United States Congress to pass that will halt, prohibit and forever abate the practices of deploying, dispensing or otherwise releasing any chemical into the Atmosphere/Stratosphere of the airspace above the entire North American Continent. Such a Draft Law has been written by the Author, R. M. Castle, entitled: The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003 (UAPA3), has been reviewed by other ChemTrails Investigators and seems to be the only method of intervention to halt these insidious methodologies. However, the US Congressman we hoped would carry our cause, tends to back off when it becomes clear that the US Government is strategically involved in many aspects of the debacle. We are not asking for this legislation to be considered, we will demand its passage. Once in force, who will then become bankrupt? We will shut down the HAARPs Electromagnetic radiation machine with UAPA3. I would be very honored if anyone would like to receive a copy of the draft legislation UAPA3, for review and/or endorsement.

Author - Dr. R. Michael Castle is an Environmental Professional whom holds a National Certification for Environmental Risk Assessment with 15 years of field practice in Environmental Risk Assessment, Investigation, Analyses and Remediation. A Polymer Chemist for 22 years prior to establishment of the Environmental Consulting and Engineering Firm, Castle Concepts Consultants, Inc., and is on the International Advisory Board of the World Natural Health Organization, (Bio of Dr. R.Michael Castle,

Dr. Castle may be contacted at the following email address: pilot1981 (at)


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

Edward Teller's "Sun Screen" Document - PDF:
Edward Teller's "sun screen" document: Global Warming and Ice Ages: I. Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change, E. Teller et al., August 15, 1997, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, as PDF
Presented at: 22nd Intl. Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, Erice (Sicily), Italy

This is the same Dr. Edward Teller known as Father-H-Bomb. (The same person that once recommended "nuking" a prominent East Coast U.S. harbor in order to make it deeper for ships of International flags' commerce. In the Super-Port that would result, International Commerce and Trade would be exceptional; especially one that would not be a Union controlled port. None-the-less, someone nixed that idea after they reviewed the potential lethality of the residual radiation for at least 1,000 years.


2003 Chemtrails over America (Scroll down to: RADIO FREQUENCY MISSION PLANNER):

[2025] Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025:
PDF:Weather as a Force Multiplier - Owning the Weather 2025:

AF2025 v3c15-1 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning... | (Ch 1):

Carnicom - Aerosol Operations:

Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming:
US Patent: 5,003,186-Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding:
Click Here

Aerosol Programs Patently Obvious:


Correspondence with Dr. Bernard Eastlund:
Space Based Weather Control: The Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite:

Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison:
PCMDI Home Page:

TOMS -- Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer:


RIZZO DM - Oak Tree Sudden Death:


Sam Farr was given the above report at a public meeting the other day. It was stated to the croud that "With all due respect to Mr. Farr, the information he was given to give to us is disinformation meant to confuse and distract us from the truth. The Chemical spray operation is continuing over the skies of Santa Cruz, virtually daily.

Recently since the Coast To Coast show and intensive activism, they are trying more to HIDE the spray operation. The are spraying EVERY night, almost WITHOUT EXCEPTION while we sleep, and early in the morning. Because more and more people have woken up and caught on to their scam, they are having to be more and more devious about it.

Last summer, Santa Cruz residents didn't notice that their normally "clear blue skies" had turned into "washed out, whitish Chem Hazy skies, almost daily!

Do YOU remember what a clear blue sky looks like? THINK BACK. You must remember! There has NOT been such a drastic increase in factories and air polution from industry to explain a TOTAL CHANGE IN THE COLOR OF THE SKY FROM CRYSTAL CLEAR BLUE, TO WASHED OUT, WHITISH HAZE!!!

It is the massive amount of particulates being illegally released into the upper atmosphere and saturating the air we breath.

Unknowingly we are breathing this shit! So what good are our organic foods, if they are being grown in these chemicals, and we are breathing these chemicals day after day.

Have you EVER seen so many sick people in Santa Cruz before? NEVER!!!! There has been a DRAMATIC RISE OF SICKNESS OF ALL KINDS IN THE PAST YEAR. Just a cooincidence that Santa Cruz has been sprayed DAILY with some kind of UNKNOWN CHEMICALS DURING THAT TIME.

Nothing to worry about. It's just a cooincidence.

Who is doing this?

The Illuminati/Chemtrail Connection
by Bruce Conway - 2.28.04 / edited 3.11.04

Something really strange is going on in the skies above our heads. It is both completely implausible, and categorically denied by all official sources.

Nevertheless, casual observation indicates that this mysterious phenomena is real, politically sensitive, and is very, very BIG! We are talking about ongoing global atmospheric geoengineering programs, also referred to as the chemtrail phenomena.

In order to determine the reality of the global Chemtrail spraying, it is necessary to do two things. First we must temporarily suspend our judgments about this topic, then carefully apply scientific method through direct and sustained observation of the phenomena.

By employing these two simple methods, it becomes evident that something very strange is going on. Observation shows that squadrons of white, unmarked tanker planes are crisscrossing our skies, outside of normal flight paths, and are evidently spraying substances into the atmosphere, which then create artificial cloud cover. This is happening above as I am writing this story.

This unlikely scenario is happening on a daily basis above most of the nations of the Earth, despite the constant denial of official sources. Our observational evidence is in direct contradiction to the official positions of the U.S. Government, Air Force, EPA, NOAA, NASA, meteorological and atmospheric institutions.

Most people who observe this unusual atmospheric activity just ignore it. After all, if something fishy was actually going on, those in authority would be alerted, it would be featured on the evening news, and then be stopped immediately. Right? Our observational evidence indicates otherwise.

But the reality of atmospheric geoengineering shakes the foundations of our beliefs. A global geoengineering project of this magnitude would be the largest, and most expensive endeavor ever undertaken in the history of mankind. It would dwarf the construction of China's great wall, the Egyptian Pyramids, and all of the other manmade wonders of the world combined.

This geoengineering program would require the cooperation of countless nations (many of whom are enemies), huge squadrons of specialized aircraft kept airborne 24/7/365, immense financial backing, and the combined resources of numerous corporations to supply the necessary facilities, equipment, chemicals, and the fuel required. It would demand the collusion of most national governments, media, militaries, political systems, and multinational corporations. This level of cooperation is unprecedented.

To top off this unlikely scenario, the entire worldwide geoengineering program would have to be kept top-secret, well below the threshold of public perception. Even David Copperfield, who made the Statue of Liberty vanish, would be hard pressed to pull off an illusion of this magnitude.

When we consider these strange possibilities, they appear completely impossible. They whole concept sounds irrational. It is no wonder that very few people acknowledge the existence of chemtrail programs. Yet... we can look up every day, see the planes, and watch the creation of artificial cloud cover.

If one can stretch the imagination to include the possibility of global atmospheric modification being conducted on a global scale, then we must ask ourselves two important questions. Why is this being done? And who is doing it?

Global atmospheric geoengineering is officially a non-issue. But if it is occurring, why? And what are the purposes of these mysterious aerial operations?

Complied list of the 10 most likely theories concerning chemtrails:

1. To mitigate global warming and the rapid collapse of Earth's ecosystems by patching the ozone holes, to increase the planetary albedo, and to shield terrestrial life from the infrared, ultraviolet and cosmic rays from space.

2. For global weather modification to counter the effects of global warming, utilizing synthetic cloud making to control precipitation.

3. For Defense applications: concealment from aerial and satellite observation, to facilitate a new military communications system, to defend against incoming ICBMs (when combined with ELF and EMP waves), to facilitate an advanced military 3D imaging system.

4. As a delivery system for mass immunizations, or genetic modification without the knowledge of the population.

5. In conjunction with HAARP array to sterilize areas contaminated with biotoxins and toxic molds.

6. As a vehicle for mind control transmissions.

7. To shield the U.S. from ELF/Scalar weather control transmissions from Russia and China.

8. To facilitate electromagnetic mind control technologies to subjugate and control human populations physically, mentally and spiritually.

9. As a delivery system to facilitate global population reduction to sustainable levels in accordance with New World Order directives.

10. A combination of the uses listed above, as this technologies applications are quite versatile.

Each of these possibilities are backed up with solid evidence, as is detailed within the archives of the Chemtrail Hall of Shame, or in the site. This should shed some light on the answers to the question: "why?"

The second question is: "who?" Who on Earth possesses sufficient genius, power, technology, and wealth necessary to coordinate this monumental global effort? There is only one group that meets the criteria: The Illuminati controlled New World Order.

The Illuminati controlled New World Order.

This shadowy group has all of the prerequisite attributes. They are in control of many of our planetary resources: financial, manufacturing, aeronautical, mining, chemical, etc. They dominate the military industrial complex through corporations like Bechtel and the Carlyle Group. Their media holdings include over 50% of all global print, radio, and broadcast media resources. They have the means, the motives, and the methods.

The Illuminati are in firm control of the governments of the United States, England, and Israel. This organization operates in complete secrecy, as do the chemtrail spraying programs. The illuminati elite act through proxies such as: The Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the World Bank, and the United Nations. All things being considered, the Illuminati are definitely our prime suspects.

But where is the hard evidence that the Illuminati are directing global geoengineering programs? Sure they have the power, wealth, connections, criminality, and the motive. But what of solid evidence? We need proof that could satisfy a good investigator in establishing a prime suspect.

There is some very interesting evidence that I recently uncovered that indicates Illuminati complicity in the Chemtrail programs. In the landmark multi-million dollar geoengineering study funded by Congress: Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base - Panel on Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming, the participants and the institutions they represent are all listed by name . Represented were: senior researchers, faculty, theoreticians, atmospheric scientists, department heads and CEO's from a multitude of prestigious institutions: Senators and Congressmen, The Smithsonian, Harvard, General Motors, Cambridge, MIT, Yale, World Resources Institute, National Center for Atmospheric Research, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Oxford, Brookings Institution, Columbia University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Carnegie-Mellon University, Princeton University, Brown University, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and many more. This colossal study recalls the scope, expense and secrecy of the Manhattan Project. These are all experts in their specialties, and luminaries within their fields.

A good example is the recently deceased Edward Teller. Known as the "father of the H-Bomb," Teller's genius also conceived the strategy of Atmospheric Geoengineering to mitigate global warming by spraying aluminum into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight. Teller published papers on this subject which are available online. He was also a frequent visitor of the Illuminati bacchanals at Bohemian Grove, as were George Bush I & II, William Casey, Henry Kissinger, and many other prominent members of the Illuminati Elite.

When we cross-reference their names of panel members from the Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming study with rosters from known Illuminati-controlled organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Council, we find many of the same names and institutions represented. The same individuals and institutions that pioneered Atmospheric Geoengineering, are also members of organizations controlled by the Illuminati's New World Order.

Coincidence? I think not.

Bruce Conway -


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