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The Illuminati/Chemtrail Connection
by Bruce Conway - 2.28.04 / edited 3.11.04

Something really strange is going on in the skies above our heads. It is both completely implausible, and categorically denied by all official sources.

Nevertheless, casual observation indicates that this mysterious phenomena is real, politically sensitive, and is very, very BIG! We are talking about ongoing global atmospheric geoengineering programs, also referred to as the chemtrail phenomena.

In order to determine the reality of the global Chemtrail spraying, it is necessary to do two things. First we must temporarily suspend our judgments about this topic, then carefully apply scientific method through direct and sustained observation of the phenomena.

By employing these two simple methods, it becomes evident that something very strange is going on. Observation shows that squadrons of white, unmarked tanker planes are crisscrossing our skies, outside of normal flight paths, and are evidently spraying substances into the atmosphere, which then create artificial cloud cover. This is happening above as I am writing this story.

This unlikely scenario is happening on a daily basis above most of the nations of the Earth, despite the constant denial of official sources. Our observational evidence is in direct contradiction to the official positions of the U.S. Government, Air Force, EPA, NOAA, NASA, meteorological and atmospheric institutions.

Most people who observe this unusual atmospheric activity just ignore it. After all, if something fishy was actually going on, those in authority would be alerted, it would be featured on the evening news, and then be stopped immediately. Right? Our observational evidence indicates otherwise.

But the reality of atmospheric geoengineering shakes the foundations of our beliefs. A global geoengineering project of this magnitude would be the largest, and most expensive endeavor ever undertaken in the history of mankind. It would dwarf the construction of China's great wall, the Egyptian Pyramids, and all of the other manmade wonders of the world combined.

This geoengineering program would require the cooperation of countless nations (many of whom are enemies), huge squadrons of specialized aircraft kept airborne 24/7/365, immense financial backing, and the combined resources of numerous corporations to supply the necessary facilities, equipment, chemicals, and the fuel required. It would demand the collusion of most national governments, media, militaries, political systems, and multinational corporations. This level of cooperation is unprecedented.

To top off this unlikely scenario, the entire worldwide geoengineering program would have to be kept top-secret, well below the threshold of public perception. Even David Copperfield, who made the Statue of Liberty vanish, would be hard pressed to pull off an illusion of this magnitude.

When we consider these strange possibilities, they appear completely impossible. They whole concept sounds irrational. It is no wonder that very few people acknowledge the existence of chemtrail programs. Yet... we can look up every day, see the planes, and watch the creation of artificial cloud cover.

If one can stretch the imagination to include the possibility of global atmospheric modification being conducted on a global scale, then we must ask ourselves two important questions. Why is this being done? And who is doing it?

Global atmospheric geoengineering is officially a non-issue. But if it is occurring, why? And what are the purposes of these mysterious aerial operations?

Complied list of the 10 most likely theories concerning chemtrails:

1. To mitigate global warming and the rapid collapse of Earth's ecosystems by patching the ozone holes, to increase the planetary albedo, and to shield terrestrial life from the infrared, ultraviolet and cosmic rays from space.

2. For global weather modification to counter the effects of global warming, utilizing synthetic cloud making to control precipitation.

3. For Defense applications: concealment from aerial and satellite observation, to facilitate a new military communications system, to defend against incoming ICBMs (when combined with ELF and EMP waves), to facilitate an advanced military 3D imaging system.

4. As a delivery system for mass immunizations, or genetic modification without the knowledge of the population.

5. In conjunction with HAARP array to sterilize areas contaminated with biotoxins and toxic molds.

6. As a vehicle for mind control transmissions.

7. To shield the U.S. from ELF/Scalar weather control transmissions from Russia and China.

8. To facilitate electromagnetic mind control technologies to subjugate and control human populations physically, mentally and spiritually.

9. As a delivery system to facilitate global population reduction to sustainable levels in accordance with New World Order directives.

10. A combination of the uses listed above, as this technologies applications are quite versatile.

Each of these possibilities are backed up with solid evidence, as is detailed within the archives of the Chemtrail Hall of Shame, or in the site. This should shed some light on the answers to the question: "why?"

The second question is: "who?" Who on Earth possesses sufficient genius, power, technology, and wealth necessary to coordinate this monumental global effort? There is only one group that meets the criteria: The Illuminati controlled New World Order.

The Illuminati controlled New World Order.

This shadowy group has all of the prerequisite attributes. They are in control of many of our planetary resources: financial, manufacturing, aeronautical, mining, chemical, etc. They dominate the military industrial complex through corporations like Bechtel and the Carlyle Group. Their media holdings include over 50% of all global print, radio, and broadcast media resources. They have the means, the motives, and the methods.

The Illuminati are in firm control of the governments of the United States, England, and Israel. This organization operates in complete secrecy, as do the chemtrail spraying programs. The illuminati elite act through proxies such as: The Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the World Bank, and the United Nations. All things being considered, the Illuminati are definitely our prime suspects.

But where is the hard evidence that the Illuminati are directing global geoengineering programs? Sure they have the power, wealth, connections, criminality, and the motive. But what of solid evidence? We need proof that could satisfy a good investigator in establishing a prime suspect.

There is some very interesting evidence that I recently uncovered that indicates Illuminati complicity in the Chemtrail programs. In the landmark multi-million dollar geoengineering study funded by Congress: Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base - Panel on Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming, the participants and the institutions they represent are all listed by name . Represented were: senior researchers, faculty, theoreticians, atmospheric scientists, department heads and CEO's from a multitude of prestigious institutions: Senators and Congressmen, The Smithsonian, Harvard, General Motors, Cambridge, MIT, Yale, World Resources Institute, National Center for Atmospheric Research, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Oxford, Brookings Institution, Columbia University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Carnegie-Mellon University, Princeton University, Brown University, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and many more. This colossal study recalls the scope, expense and secrecy of the Manhattan Project. These are all experts in their specialties, and luminaries within their fields.

A good example is the recently deceased Edward Teller. Known as the "father of the H-Bomb," Teller's genius also conceived the strategy of Atmospheric Geoengineering to mitigate global warming by spraying aluminum into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight. Teller published papers on this subject which are available online. He was also a frequent visitor of the Illuminati bacchanals at Bohemian Grove, as were George Bush I & II, William Casey, Henry Kissinger, and many other prominent members of the Illuminati Elite.

When we cross-reference their names of panel members from the Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming study with rosters from known Illuminati-controlled organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Council, we find many of the same names and institutions represented. The same individuals and institutions that pioneered Atmospheric Geoengineering, are also members of organizations controlled by the Illuminati's New World Order.

Coincidence? I think not.

Bruce Conway -

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