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"Put People First!" S.C. Protest Against California Budget Cuts

On March 27, 2004 about 500 Santa Cruzans came together to protest next year’s proposed budget. Projected county budget cuts attempt to compensate for a loss of 7.5 million state dollars by cutting 118 jobs, 80 of which are from the human and health services departments. This lopsided allocation of funds will directly affect programs like Medical, Foods Stamps, In Home Services, and Public Health Nurses. Organizers called for more equitable distribution of available funds.

Santa Cruz County budget hearings will be held June 15 – 25 at 9AM on the fifth floor of the county building and are open to the public.

Audio: Workers Independent News Service (WINS) coverage

In Home Services Slated for Cuts
The current schedule is as follows (subject to last minute changes). Show up and voice your opinion:

Tuesday, June 15
Wed. June 16
Thurs. June 17
Friday, June 18
Monday, June 21
Tuesday, June 22
Tuesday, June 22
Tuesday, June 22
Wed. June 23
Thurs. June 24
Friday, June 25

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Re: "Put People First!" S.C. Protest Against California Budget Cuts

There has to be mega support where it counts on issues like this. I am not from Ca., from Tx., but am still glad to see people speak up against mega rich government officials...especially when they're not from here, but others want to be president of the USA, while the rest of us who WERE born here generation after generation paying taxes, just get CHARGED the taxes. What I see happening is this no longer being the country by the people, for the people, but instead it takes our average income to poor's tax dollars to pocket them, the rich. Worse yet, I see this country as the United Rich of the World with leaders from around the world uniting for slavery & getting rid of those in the way, like in Brazil, where it was reported either by Democracy Now! or Independent News, both of FSTV-Free Speech Television. Supposedly, there were a few fires there of prisons for delinquents. It was built for 800, but held 2000. Supposedly, Giuliani of New York had something to do with it according to the news on FSTV. These news were revealed either 5-28-04 or 5-29-04 on FSTV. You may have to order it from Democracy Now! or I.N.N. News, both on FSTV (satellite). Remember not too long ago bush was asking it not to be required to pay overtime here. Arnie & Bush are pals.

Something else...I heard Ingles(?)Ca. didn't allow a Wal Mart to be built there? Good. I boycot them & choose to do business with local merchants whenever I can, eventhough I may have to pay a couple of pennies more. Your governor owns a pretty penny of stock of it & I refuse to support him financially or politically. Wal Mart used to brag that it only carried labels that read "Made in the USA". If I'm correct, I also heard on FSTV that Wal Mart doesn't have to pay city or local taxes, but gets PAID these taxes. If that's the case, no wonder they're popping up all over!!! Again, you would have to write them to get a copy of the report they did on satellite t.v.

I know this started when clinton was president with NAFTA, but has continued to explode faster with bush. I am upset with both for promoting outsourcing & using our taxes for their benefits.

By the way, as an epileptic, I had to get off the prescription my doctor had put me on as soon as bush became president because of the ballooning costs of prescriptions.

One last thing...DON'T let the cheating computerized voting machines in CALIFORNIA!!!!!


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