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Israeli scholar Tanya Reinhart visits Santa Cruz, June 27

The Resource Center for Nonviolence welcomes the distinguished Israeli academic and activist Tanya Reinhart to Santa Cruz on June 27. Please see below for details and read on for a recent article by Reinhart:

Israel / Palestine:
How to End the War of 1948

An evening with
Tanya Reinhart

Israeli scholar, professor of Linguistics at Tel Aviv University, columnist for Israeli daily Yedoit Aharonot and one of Israel's most eloquent defenders of human rights and self-determination.

7:00 PM
June 27 (Sunday)
The Resource Center for Nonviolence
515 Broadway

"Today Palestinians face either ethnic cleansing or apartheid. Reinhart compellingly shows why and how both must be opposed." - Edward W. Said

Please join us as we welcome this distinguished guest!

A $5-10 suggested donation benefits The Resource Center for Nonviolence and The International Solidarity Movement, NorCal Chapter.

For more information see or contact Jake at (831) 423-1626 (x.306) or pushingblocks (at)

One of Tanya Reinhart's recent articles is pasted below. For more of her work see (follow the link to Media Articles for political writings):
What Kind of State Deserves to Exist?
Tanya Reinhart

Yediot Aharonot, Tuesday, April 20, 2004;
Translated from Hebrew by Netta Van Vliet

Amidst the political storm in Israel regarding the "Gaza disengagement" plan, only one really meaningful fact emerges: Sharon received Bush's approval to proceed with his plan for the wall in the West Bank.

With regard to the Gaza strip, the disengagement plan published in the Israeli papers on Friday, April 16th specifies that within a year and a half, the Israeli occupation there should be declared to be over. In every other aspect, the situation will remain as is. The Palestinians will be imprisoned from all sides, with no connection to the world, except through Israel. Israel also reserves for itself the right to act militarily inside the Gaza strip (1). But since the strip will no longer be defined as an occupied territory, Israel will not be subject to the fourth Geneva Convention. Clause f of section I in the published plan states that "the disengagement move will obviate the claims about Israel with regard to its responsibility for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip". In other words, what Israel does today in violation of international law will become legal: It would presumably become formally permissible to starve people and to kill whoever Israel determines - from a child throwing stones, to the successor of a spiritual leader, himself executed a month before.

The text of the plan also declares that Israel will evacuate the settlements and the army posts inside the strip. It is not clear how this could be accomplished given that the declared intention is to keep the strip under full Israeli "security control". It is not that simple to guard 1.3 million prisoners just with an air-force. After all, the isolated settlement of Netzarim (like the others) was founded precisely in order to divide the strip into separate parts, thus enabling control of it from the inside. Those who want to, may believe that Sharon will eventually dismantle Netzarim. In the meanwhile, however, Israel invests in its fortification. On channel 1 TV news on April 15, there was an interview with a pretty relaxed settler from Netzarim. "If the defense minister is building right now a new security fence for us" - he said - "then surely no one intends to evacuate us". In any case, the position agreed upon by Sharon and Netanyahu, and which was confirmed in the cabinet meeting of April 18, is that no settlement in the Gaza strip is to be evacuated before the wall in the West Bank is completed.

As for the West Bank, the innovation in the Bush-Sharon agreement is not found at the level of declarations. In the plans of Clinton and of Beilin-Abu Mazen, as well, it was clear that Israel was not offering return to the precise line of the 1967 borders, nor a full realization of the right of return. However, these were plans for negotiation - proposals awaiting the approval of the Palestinian people. Now the Palestinians are not even asked. Now it is Israel and the U.S. who are determining the facts on the ground. Israel marks the land that it desires, and builds a wall on that route.

In the Clinton plan, the Palestinian territory to be annexed to Israel consisted of 5-7% of the West Bank. But when the present route of the wall was first approved by the previous Sharon government, Shimon Peres, then foreign minister, protested that it robbed the Palestinians of 22% of their lands. Since then, the segment of the wall which is already under construction has been extended much further onto Palestinian land. According to a UN report from November of 2003, this segment, which did not include yet the region of Jerusalem, has already appropriated 14.5% of Palestinian land. Along this route, Israel is uprooting tens of thousands of trees, dispossessing Palestinian farmers of their land, and pushing them into small enclaves between fences and walls, until, at the final stage, the wall will surround them on all sides, as in the Gaza strip.

In 1969, the Israeli philosopher Yesayahu Leibovitz anticipated that in the areas of the occupation "concentration camps would be erected by the Israeli rulers... Israel would be a state that would not deserve to exist, and it will not be worthwhile to preserve it". How far are we from Leibovitz prophecy in the fenced Gaza strip?

In the West Bank, the situation is still different. Along the route of the wall, the internal struggle of the Israeli society is now taking place - between the self-proclaimed ‚Äúland redemptionists‚Ä? who, no matter how much land they have, will always want more, and those who want to live in a state that deserves to exist. Along that route, there are Israelis who, alongside the Palestinians, are putting their bodies in front of the bulldozers and the Israeli army.


(1) The published plan is available at:

Here are some of the clauses that the summary in this paragraph is based on (Italics added):

III: Security reality after the evacuation

1. Israel will supervise and guard the external envelope on land, will maintain exclusive control in the air space of Gaza, and will continue to conduct military activities in the sea space of the Gaza Strip.

3. Israel reserves for itself the basic right of self-defense, including taking preventative steps as well as responding by using force against threats that will emerge from the Gaza Strip.

VI. The border area between the Gaza Strip and Egypt ("Philadelphi Route")

During the first stage, Israel will continue to maintain a military presence along the border line between the Gaza Strip and Egypt ("Philadelphi Route"). This presence is an essential security need, and in certain places, it is possible that there will be a need for the physical enlargement of the area in which the military activity will be carried out.

XII. The international crossing point.

1. The existing arrangements will remain in force.

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Re: Israeli scholar Tanya Reinhart visits Santa Cruz, June 27

Here is some of Tanya Reinhart's "reporting" from April 30, 2002 printed in "Counterpunch". She wrote:

" What did clearly happen in Jenin is that the army simply ignored the fact that there were an unknown number of individuals and families in the areas which were bombarded day and night by missiles from "Cobra" helicopters, or even in some of the houses erased by bulldozers to pave way for the tanks. No one came to shoot them individually; they were just buried under their bombarded or bulldozed homes. Others died of their wounds in the alleys, or cried for days under the ruins, until their voices faded away."

Anyone who has followed up the 2002 incursion into Jenin knows that the Palestinians grossly exaggerated the number of people killed --saying first there were 1500 killed, then 1000, then 500. I think the final number was 56 with 49 of them armed combatants.

Reinhart fully believes this "massacre" took place. In her entire article she fails to mention that more suicide bombers originated from the Jenin camp than anywhere else.

Reinhart goes out of her way to villify Israel but conveniently ignores basic facts that affect how the general public sees the conflict.

If an ambulance is stopped, Reinhart assumes it is because the evil Israelis are denying medical care to a wounded Palestinian grandmother ---and never mentions that terrorists use ambulances to transport arms, bombs, and terrorists over borders in order to carry out massacres of Israeli civilians. She didn't mention that the IDF offered to donate blood to the Jenin hospital only to have it rejected as the Palestinian refused to use "Jewish blood." The IDF then air-lifted blood in from Jordan for the injured.

But if you want to hear a lop-sided, fact-free, Israel-bash, go to this event. Tanya can dish it out bigtime. But then this is the kind of "scholarship" the Resource Center for Nonviolence regularly serves up.

Just the Facts

Tanya Reinhart, who, as an Israeli Jew, daily experiences the stark reality of the situation in the Middle East. Becky Johnson, on the other hand, is not a Jew, lives in Santa Cruz, and to my knowledge has never even been to Israel.

You tell me, who is more credible to comment on what's REALLY going on in the Middle East?

Becky Johnson supports the murder of civilians

Becky wrote: "I think the final number was 56 with 49 of them armed combatants."

So, by your own admission, the Israeli army killed seven civilians. Is this OK with you? That is not a rhetorical question. Simply answer YES or NO!

Isn't that so nice of them?

Becky wrote, "The IDF then air-lifted blood in from Jordan for the injured."

First they drop missiles, then they bring blood for the wounded. That is so thoughtful!!

Re: Israeli scholar Tanya Reinhart visits Santa Cruz, June 27

Reply to Vinnie: The Israelis didn't "drop missiles" in Jenin. That's what the Americans do from 30,000 ft. The Israelis purposely went house to house so they could go after the armed combatants, those planning the next suicide bomber attacks, and known and wanted terrorists while minimizing civilian causalities.

Vinny, to my knowledge has never been to Israel either, but repeatedly dispenses disinformation on this topic. Who should you believe? You should believe the person who is telling the truth and its certainly not Vinnie.

Also, according to the Geneva Convention, it is illegal for armed combatants to hide themselves among civilian populations due to the liklihood that civilians will get hurt or killed. Hamas, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Islamic Jihad, etc. do this as a matter of course without even a whimper from Vinnie, the RCNV'ers, or the regular Free Radio Santa Cruz Israel-bashers. No, notice they ONLY blame Israel for the conflict. How realistic is this? Hasn't Israel been attacked four times by its Arab neighbors in an attempt to wipe them off the map since Israel was founded in 1948?

Do the regular readers at support the next Jewish holocaust? I doubt it. But to hear Vinnie, you would swear he has lined up with those former Nazis in his Jew-bashing.

Israel has a right to defend itself from attacks. Israel is building the wall on the West Bank (actually Judea and Samaria) to defend itself from attacks ----not to "steal Palestinian land" as Vinnie claims. The wall is along a route that protects the largest number of Jews practicable. The Palestinians didn't honor the old green line anyway. There are not 300,000 Palestinians "trapped behind the wall" as was recently reported at an RCNV event on the UCSC campus. The number is 13,000. More disinformation. Vinnie also has a peculiar interpretation of UN resolution 242 which gave Israel LEGAL military and administrative control over the West Bank and Gaza (so much for ILLEGAL OCCUPATION). Vinnie seems to believe there was a State of Palestine in 1967. There wasn't.

I have heard Tanya Reinhart on Free Radio Santa Cruz and she is a highly biased source of information no matter where she lives.

Consider this. Do you think that oil-rich, wealthy Arab anti-semites might actually PAY people who are critical of Israel to spread their anti-Israeli propaganda? Do you think some of that might be happening? If you go to this event, ask Tanya Reinhart where she gets her funding. The answer might be very interesting indeed.

Fuck YOU Becky.

GET REAL. Former Nazis? Jew-bashing?? Are you seriously accusing me of Jew-bashing? One of my good friends is Jewish. That is a serious charge, Becky. I hope you are prepared to hear from my attorney. That is a libelous, intentionally defamatory statement. I demand it stop.

Just last week I had a former IDF soldier on my show, Rockin' the Boat, form 5:30-6pm. In recent weeks, I've featured an Israeli doctorate student on my show, and both of them addressed the way the Israeli military policies encourage suicide bombings, and other terror attaacks. I consistently speak out for the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians. Anyone who concludes otherwise is only hearing what they want to hear and is not truly listening.....

A Road Map to IMC peace

Vinny is not a Jew-Basher. Personal attacks and name calling on Indymedia is not productive or helpful in trying to resolve differences of opinion.

Clearly, Vinny and Becky have different ideas about the injustices taking place in Israel and Palestine.

Vinny takes the time to speak with people on a personal level as well as on Free Radio Santa Cruz who have a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, opinions, and beliefs.


Israel Fires Missiles Into Jenin Refugee Camp

I concede. Becky's right ( and I mean that in more ways than one). Israel din't "drop missiles" on Jenin, as I stated earlier. They actually fired them, according to this report from CNN on April 8, 2002 at the height of the Israeli seige of Jenin.

Heres the relevant part....

Israel fires missiles into Jenin refugee camp
Raids carried out at journalists' offices in Ramallah

April 8, 2002 Posted: 10:43 AM EDT (1443 GMT)
JENIN, West Bank (CNN) -- Israeli forces launched a missile strike Monday on a Palestinian refugee camp in the northern West Bank town of Jenin, home to around 15,000 people.

Israeli helicopter gunships fired at least 19 missiles into the camp, which covers less than a square mile, Palestinian sources said.

Vinnie DEMANDS I stop speaking? Again?

Vinnie: You DEMAND I stop speaking my mind about how you twist the truth? As for your "former IDF soldier" he was one of the refuseniks who are involved in protesting Israeli policies in the West Bank and Gaza. This is only another example of your Israel-bashing, and for you it is laced with the delicious irony that you found an Israeli Jew to do it for you.

If you were REALLY a balanced journalist and interested in the TRUTH, you would also have as your guest an IDF soldier on who is still intent on defending Israel from those who continue to attack it and to kill its citizen population.

I note you take offense to being compared even obliquely to the Nazis. Yet you have no trouble showcasing those who compare the Israelis to the Nazis. And unlike you, they ACTUALLY experienced the horror of the Nazi holocaust.

As for Emily & Bradley's comments: "Vinny takes the time to speak with people on a personal level as well as on Free Radio Santa Cruz who have a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, opinions, and beliefs." I wonder if you were listening the day that I called into Louis Lafortune's show and complained about Louis' characterization of the IDF's killing of the Hamas leader Rantisi by saying that "he supposedly was engaged in terrorism." I called to ask if there was any doubt about Rantisi's personal involvement in dozens of massacres of Jewish people. That began a dialogue on whether Israel's occupation of Gaza & the West Bank is legal. As I was explaining how UN resolution 242 granted Israel legal military and administrative control over Gaza and the West Bank in 1967, Vinnie called up the operator and had her do an emergency interrupt of my phone call. There was no emergency. Vinnie COULDN'T STAND TO LET ME MAKE MY POINT BUT INSTEAD MIS-USED AN EMERGENCY INTERRUPT TO STOP ME while he made HIS point instead. Why couldn't he just wait for me to finish my point and then call in with is counter-point? I think its because Vinnie is intent on only letting his point of view be heard and he, even here, has already threatened to sue me for expressing my opinion.

You have to ask yourself. What is the message Vinnie is trying so hard for you not to hear?

Why am I getting involved in this tired conversation?

Only to make a point that people tend to miss when discussing the Palestinian people. Becky Johnson writes:
"Also, according to the Geneva Convention, it is illegal for armed combatants to hide themselves among civilian populations due to the liklihood that civilians will get hurt or killed. Hamas, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Islamic Jihad, etc. do this as a matter of course."

My question is this: Since the people of Palestine have been living in temporary refugee camps since the Israeli state refused the right-of-return, and since IDF "crowd control technicians" patrol a virtual police state, where exactly do you suggest they "hide themselves?" Would you prefer that they hid in military compounds? That they had their own building? Hamas headquarters, next right. THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE LAND OR LIBERTY. The suggestion that Palestinian militants should not live amonst the civilian population is ridiculous. In fact, the term 'civilian population' does not apply, since there is no nation of which to be a citizen, according to supporters of Israel.

Israel can claim one day that the Palestinians are not doing enough to police themselves, and then bomb the police station the next day [
Israeli F-16 jet fighters bombed two sites in the West Bank today [May 18, 2001], including a Palestinian police station.]

Do members of the IDF live amongst the civilian population?
There are double standards on both sides of this argument, Becky and Vinny. The basic, fundamental truth is that there is a power imbalance on many many levels between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Until that power structure is leveled, there will be no effective negotiation. Until there is effective negotiation, there will be no peace.
And putting up a wall will do nothing to level the power imbalance... do you disagree?

Imbalance of power? 1.3 BILLION Arab/Muslims v. 5 MILLION Israelis

Response to "tired" Danielsan: Sunday (June 20), Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei openly acknowledged that the Al Aqsa Brigades are no mere 'offshoot'. In an interview with the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, Qurei said:

"We have clearly declared that the Aksa Martyrs Brigades are part of Fatah... We are committed to them and Fatah bears full responsibility for the group."

If the Palestinian Authority is funding and promoting the terrorist groups, then bombing a PA police station is not unreasonable. I'm sure the Mossad had a lot of intelligence on what was going on in that police station. I wish the USA CIA was as good.

You wrote: "Since the people of Palestine have been living in temporary refugee camps since the Israeli state refused the right-of-return..."

There are camps in some Palestinian cities and also in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Israel has built free housing for Palestinians so they could leave the camps. Al-Sultan in Rafah is just such a neighborhood. But what have their Arab brothers done to relieve their suffering? What have the wealthy oil sheiks done to improve the housing, education, medical care, and infrastructure for Palestinian people? A LOT less than Israel has done (with most of the work done by Israel between 1967 and the Oslo agreement in 1993). You seem to blame Israel for the condition of the Arabs living in the camps. Do I need to remind you that in 1948 Five Arab nations joined together to wage an offensive war against the very existance of a tiny Jewish nation in the mideast? That the refugees were caused by this Arab attack?

Also Palestinians don't need to "hide themselves" unless they are engaged in gun and bomb smuggling, kidnappings, sniper attacks, lynchings, honor killings, and planning more suicide attacks. Only terrorists need to hide themselves. And Israel is obligated to find them and shut them down one way or another. Non-lethally if they can, and lethally if there is no other way. This is what you object to?

As for the power imbalance: consider this. It is not a heavily armed population of 5 million Israelis against a relatively unarmed population of 4.3 Palestinian people.

It is 5 million Israelis against 1.3 BILLION Arab/Muslims. That's 50 times as many people, 800 times as much land,and with military powers 20 times greater than Israel.

Of 23 Arab/Muslim countries, only 2 have signed peace treaties with Israel and recognized their right to exist.

Your letter shows me you have bought the propaganda that Israel is mighty and powerful and the Palestinians are tiny and defenseless.

Your point that the IDF live amongst the civilian population is an interesting one. It is true, that IDF soldiers are residents of Israel and live in houses and neighborhoods. From what I understand (and I have never been to Israel) is that you see people with guns everywhere. The joke is that Israel is the only country in the world where you can see a 17-yr old in a dark alley with an M-16 and you think "Thank God!"

The Israelis don't use residential neighborhoods to hide their munition storage facilities, their training camps, and their rocket launchers.

Under Oslo, Israel gave 30,000 Palestinian policemen guns and ammo. Those same guns and ammo were used to kill Israeli citizens.

Under these circumstances what would you have the Israelis do? A wall at least provides some protection ---and atacks are way down already because of it.


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