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Vinnie DEMANDS I stop speaking? Again?

Vinnie: You DEMAND I stop speaking my mind about how you twist the truth? As for your "former IDF soldier" he was one of the refuseniks who are involved in protesting Israeli policies in the West Bank and Gaza. This is only another example of your Israel-bashing, and for you it is laced with the delicious irony that you found an Israeli Jew to do it for you.

If you were REALLY a balanced journalist and interested in the TRUTH, you would also have as your guest an IDF soldier on who is still intent on defending Israel from those who continue to attack it and to kill its citizen population.

I note you take offense to being compared even obliquely to the Nazis. Yet you have no trouble showcasing those who compare the Israelis to the Nazis. And unlike you, they ACTUALLY experienced the horror of the Nazi holocaust.

As for Emily & Bradley's comments: "Vinny takes the time to speak with people on a personal level as well as on Free Radio Santa Cruz who have a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, opinions, and beliefs." I wonder if you were listening the day that I called into Louis Lafortune's show and complained about Louis' characterization of the IDF's killing of the Hamas leader Rantisi by saying that "he supposedly was engaged in terrorism." I called to ask if there was any doubt about Rantisi's personal involvement in dozens of massacres of Jewish people. That began a dialogue on whether Israel's occupation of Gaza & the West Bank is legal. As I was explaining how UN resolution 242 granted Israel legal military and administrative control over Gaza and the West Bank in 1967, Vinnie called up the operator and had her do an emergency interrupt of my phone call. There was no emergency. Vinnie COULDN'T STAND TO LET ME MAKE MY POINT BUT INSTEAD MIS-USED AN EMERGENCY INTERRUPT TO STOP ME while he made HIS point instead. Why couldn't he just wait for me to finish my point and then call in with is counter-point? I think its because Vinnie is intent on only letting his point of view be heard and he, even here, has already threatened to sue me for expressing my opinion.

You have to ask yourself. What is the message Vinnie is trying so hard for you not to hear?

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