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Israel should be allowed to protect its citizens from Palestininan violence

It's not a Wall (unless you define the barrier by how it looks for 2% of its path) It's not apartheid (as there are over a million Israeli Arabs on the Israel side of the barrier) and its not Palestinian land. An occupation means one country occupies with military force another country. There is no Palestine. The "Palestinian" Arabs have rejected offers for an independent state of Palestine 14 times since 1937. If Israel is "occupying" Palestine--then when was Palestine founded? What are its borders? Where is its capitol? What kind of government does it have? Who are its leaders? What kind of currency does it issue? Who is its UN representative?

The ICJ ignored that Israel needs to protect itself from the 20,000 attacks from Palestinian terror groups in the last 3 and a half years.

The Barrier is saving lives. Israel's high court ruled the barrier is legal and its sole purpose is to stop the violence against Israeli citizens. The ICJ never even took that issue up. Read the dissenting opinion of the American judge at the ICJ.

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