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Justice for Palestine: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall

Talking about Wall built by the Terrorist State
The Wall is Apartheid! It is wall much more than 2%, as you can relate to its map before posting false statements. It is built on Palestinian Land, related to as "Palestinian Occupied Territories" in the same institution that brought Zionist State to existence on the Palestinian land in 1948.

The Jewish-State, is building its wall on the Palestinian territories by almost daily destroying Palestinian owned homes and agricultural land "mostly filled with Olives" outside "Jewish State" representing Peace!

That same Jewish Terrorist State is responsible for death of 5 times as many Palestinian children than Hamas & Islamic Jihad are together of Israeli children.

Never did Palestinian groups stop Israeli pregnant woman from getting to Hospital, and enjoy the new born dying in front of them, as did Israeli Terrorist Forces number of Times!

My home in Akka, from which my family was expelled by Jewish terrorist acts of massacres then, and Jewish rejection of our Right of Return since, given by the same institution that brought the Zionist State to existence, is Israeli "Court of Justice"! Please define justice coming from court built ILLEGALY!

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