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If anything, way down deep, its Jewish land

reply to Shadi Fadda: you wrote:

"(The Barrier) is built on Palestinian Land, related to as "Palestinian Occupied Territories" in the same institution that brought Zionist State to existence on the Palestinian land in 1948."

BECKY: Do you mean the United Nations resolution in which the nations of the world voted to establish Israel in allocated portions of the British Mandate of Palestine? Hmmmmmm. Seems to me that that deal was completely rejected by Palestinian Arabs and all their Arab friends. The Palestinian Arabs were so busy trying to drive Jews into the sea they "forgot" to establish their own state.

So now you say the unallocated portions of the former British Mandate of Palestine became "Palestinian lands?" when? How? By whom?

Israel was founded on May 14, 1948.
The USA was founded on July 4, 1776
What is the date of the founding of the country of "Palestine"?

Oh, and here's a funny thing about olives. They require very little tending. You can pretty much come for about a 6 week period per year and harvest olives. That's about it. I'm sure the IDF can open a few gates.

You wrote: "That same Jewish Terrorist State is responsible for death of 5 times as many Palestinian children than Hamas & Islamic Jihad are together of Israeli children."

BECKY: Putting aside for the moment the issue of Arab violence, lets look at the relative death tolls of children among Palestinians and Israelis.
You are correct in reporting that the overall death figures are much higher for Palestinians than for Israelis. Last I checked, it was a little over 2 to 1.

Among Palestinians killed, 11.7% are youth aged 15 or younger. Among Israelis killed 57.5% are youth aged 15 or under. This data suggests that the Palestinian terrorists are deliberately targeting civilians and children while the Israelis kill children accidently. Even more telling is data on the gender of the dead.

Among Palestinian, 2.8% of the deaths are women. Among Israeli deaths, 25% are women.

The IDF has a strict policy of minimizing civilian causalties in all situations. Yes, they do break the rules sometimes. But not often, and if they do they are punished.

But analyzing the death stats reveals more about who is the terrorist and who is the defender than you probably would care to admit.

YOU WROTE: "Never did Palestinian groups stop Israeli pregnant woman from getting to Hospital, and enjoy the new born dying in front of them, as did Israeli Terrorist Forces number of Times!"

BECKY: Recently a terrorist group in Gaza shot a pregnant woman to death point blank and then killed her four daughters who were also in the car. But you are right, they didn't try to stop her from taking an ambulance to a hospital to deliver since she was already dead.

Putting that aside. Palestinian terrorist groups can and do use ambulances to transport weapons and wanted criminals across into Israel and around through war zones. The IDF has learned by experience they must check everyone and everything before allowing them to cross borders.

Let me remind the readers that there are 3.4 million Palestinians on the West Bank and they have a very high birth rate---one of the highest in the world. How many of these babies are born in taxicabs? The IDF checkpoints are there to save lives, not to inconvenience women in labor on the way to the hospital.

With the new barrier, there should be a lot less checkpoints.

Finally, you wrote: "My home in Akka, from which my family was expelled by Jewish terrorist acts of massacres then, and Jewish rejection of our Right of Return since, given by the same institution that brought the Zionist State to existence, is Israeli "Court of Justice"! Please define justice coming from court built ILLEGALY!

BECKY: I'm not sure what you mean by "court built Illegally." The Israeli Supreme Court was founded by the State of Israel which legally came into existance through a UN resolution in 1948. It may not be your cup of tea, but it is a legal court. As legal as any court in any country can be anyway.

Did you are your family apply to re-enter Israel?
Did you file an application with the immigration dept. of Israel? They have repatriated families like yours for dozens of years. 170,000 Palestinians have re-entered Israel and were granted citizenship (without religious conversion required) after having filed, been interviewed, presented documents such as deeds, birth certificates, or even mail received at an address in pre-1948 Israel are considered proof of residency.

If you are telling the truth (and I am not sure that you are) then what probably happened is you never cooperated with the "Zionist authorities" and spurned applying for re-entry in any formal way. Your Arab leaders encouraged you to sit in camps in poverty and misery, didn't they?

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