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Re: Justice for Palestine: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall

I’ve got no reason to jump for joy over any part of this situation at or to labor under the illusion that the world’s ‘democracies' (a description of what’s wrong with today’s ‘democracies’ would take pages) would support Israel or the Palestinians to if it didn’t serve their own purposes.

It would seem that the UN has reason to counter the US (and its allies) at this point in time.

Your statement:

“And you blame the USA congress????????

is misleading. I don’t 'blame' the US congress, I just don’t give them any credence as an assembly with clean hands. Please try to refrain from twisting other people’s statements. By approaching this with an ‘either your with us or agin’ us’ attitude discussion becomes impossible.

The ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, pure and defiled, the sacred and the profane, is very important in Judaism. To say that everything the Israeli government does is ‘right’ and everything done by its enemies is ‘wrong’ defies logic.

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