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How about some facts people?

Reply to Sophie: You wrote: "To say that everything the Israeli government does is ‘right’ and everything done by its enemies is ‘wrong’ defies logic."

BECKY: I don't think I have done this. I try to research my points of view, address the issues on specific points, and refute arguments. What most people do, who are critical of Israel, is throw out a bunch of emotional statements unsupported by facts.

For instance, in the original article this thread springs from it says " the Israeli government is trying to manipulate the truth and disguise the colonial foundation of its racist apartheid policy".

Note, they do not say what "truth" the Israelis are trying to "manipulate." They make a highly disputable claim that the Israelis are "colonialists" and accuse them of "racist apartheid". I think this shows the authors to be a bunch of anti-semites, though I'm sure they would recoil at that accusation.

This doesn't mean I am saying that "everything the Israeli govt. does is right". I am simply responding point by point to the lies and misinformation written here.

I think its shameful the way some of the writers here engage in Jew-bashing while at the same time they consider themselves to be so moral and sanctimonious.

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