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Israel has not and will not uproot the Palestinians

Sophie: I don't think Benny Morris is a good source. The 650,000 Palestinian ARABS who left in 1947-48 largely fled on the advice of their Islamic leaders. Very few were "driven out".Those who stayed, were not killed or raped. Israel is 20% Arab as a result.

How do you know where the barrier is going to go when the Israeli govt. has not released the final plans for the barrier? Of the location for the barrier which has already been announced, only 13,000 Palestinians (out of 3.2 million) will be on the "wrong" side of the barrier.

The barrier is purely defensive and is not meant to harm the Palestinian economy in any way. Any harm done in this way, is purely accidental.

UN resolution 242 called for Israel to withdraw from "lands" not from "all lands". They have complied by minor modifications from the Green Line in order to protect as many Jewish citizens as possible from Palestinian terror attacks.

Israel has not and will never "remove the Palestinians from the land." How can you bash Israel for something they are capable of doing (militarily) but have not done?

And to Vinnie: I notice you are hurling more invectives and insults but, yet again, lack a single specific of any "lie" or "misinformation" I have published on this site.

Vinnie---name one "lie" and I will gladly retract it. Name one piece of "misinformation" I have written and I will withdraw it. As usual, you sit in smug arrogance of your "superior" knowledge, yet you can't argue your way out of a paper bag on any real issue using facts and history.

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