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Criticism can be motivated by love

reply to Sophie: Thanks for the links. You are right that one can criticize an Israeli policy without advocating for the destruction of that country. In that sense, Israelis have a greater responsibility to criticize Israel than Americans do.

As for 1947-48 when very few of the 650,000 Arabs were driven out of Israel at gunpoint, it is true that some were. They were Arabs who were located along a strategic road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Israeli army did go into villages and order the Arab inhabitants to leave. They were ordered across the Jordan border which, at that time, was a few kilometers away.

David Meir-Levi, an Israeli-American historian, has documented some 7 waves of Arab emmigration occurring from 1947 to 1948 with only one wave resulting from Israeli coercion. It did happen. It was not widespread. In most cases, the Israelis begged the Arabs to stay and build the new modern State of Israel together.

Israel has since re-patriated about 170,000 of those displaced Arabs. The only reason, 56 years later, that the Palestinian refugees is even an issue, is because of the Arab countries refusal to assimilate any Palestinians into their own population or to rush to relieve the suffering of their Arab brothers. The camps are, it proves, just too useful as propaganda tools to bash Israel with.

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