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I'm afraid it was not so clean and friendly as you describe

Point 1:

I included the article by Siegman because it was given to me by a 70 year old friend who is a 'conservative' Israeli supporter.

What do I mean by conservative? He supports anything that 'makes Israel more secure'. This included (in 2002) the Iraqi war.

When he gave me this article he said something to the effect of "this is the first time someone is talking publically about a second transference"; also remarking that while he was on a kibbutz nobody talked about transference, they talked 'about grapefruit'. By saying this he means a two state solution is not possible. Transference, to him, is a given.

And it is certainly not an uncommon idea.

Point 2:

To assert that the Palestinians leaving their homes had nothing to do with the Israelis is disingenuous or naive. Heavy fighting caused people to flee. Sometimes women and children were evacuated (by the Arab Legion) and the men left the abandoned villages rather than fight. Hazam Nusseibi,(Palestine Broadcasting Service in 1948) told the BBC "As soon as [the people] heard that women had been raped at DeirYassin, Palestinians fled in terror."

To deny that atrocities of all sorts occur in war is a stretch. Reread the Morris article.

It is true that the surrounding countries have made no indication that they are willing to offer land to the Palestinians. This would approximate a peace treaty with israel, a recognition of Israeli's right TO the land. But where does this leave the Palestinians? With their backs, quite literally, against the wall.

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