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Let's revisit Deir Yassin

Oh the harping on Deir Yassin!!! This is held up as "proof" of Israel's brutality against the Palestinian Arab population.

First, Deir Yassin was a battle. Iraqi soldiers were housed in Deir Yassin and firing on the vital road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Irgun had to win the village back for strategic reasons.

The standard procedure for the Israelis entering a village was to play a loudspeaker urging the civilian population to vacate prior to any fighting. There is some evidence that the speaker did not operate properly in Deir Yassin.

No Arab women were raped in Deir Yassin by Israeli soldiers.

About 120 or so people were killed, including men disguised as women.

The Arab nations at the time reported that over 300 had been murdered, including men, women, and children and that the women were raped.

The Arabs thought this would encourage the Arab civilian population to flee (which they wanted) and to stimulate the Arab men to rise up and fight more vigorously against the Israelis.

Part two backfired badly. The Arab men fled at the news as well.

What is interesting is that now the "new historians" now include these fraudelent reports of Deir Yassin by the Arabs at the time as the truth of what really happened.

What really happened was a battle in which Israel triumphed, took a town needed for strategic defense, and while a lot of people did get killed, it was no where near as many as the Arabs reported, did not involve women and children to the extent reported, and there were no rapes.

Why don't you ever write about "Black September" in which during a 10 day period, Jordan killed between 3000 and 5000 Palestinians?

Or in 1985, when the Lebanese militia attacked refugee camps killing 635 and wounded 2000 Palestinians?

Arafat promotes "martyrdom" for Palestinian youths. Where is the protest by the leftists?

But NO!! The leftists have to go all the way back to 1948 to find an Israeli "massacre" to bash Israel with. And they have to distort the record in order to vilify the Israelis.

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