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Re: Justice for Palestine: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall


"What is interesting is that now the "new historians" now include these fraudelent reports of Deir Yassin by the Arabs at the time as the truth of what really happened."

From the site:
PEACE a Mid-East Dialogue Group

and their discussion of Deir Yassin where they discuss the material you have cited but come to a different conclusion:

"However in his new book, Righteous Victims, Benny Morris notes that Yizhak Levy, head of the Shai, reported to Haganah headquarters that Lehi members had told him that Irgun soldiers had raped and later murdered a number of girls, though Levy added, "We don't know if this is true."63 Levy did not cite this material in his own book. While this is certainly hearsay evidence, we cannot longer dismiss the rape claims as totally unfounded."

Of course Begin's Irgun and the Stern have been implicated in many war crimes.


"Why don't you ever write about "Black September" in which during a 10 day period, Jordan killed between 3000 and 5000 Palestinians?
Or in 1985, when the Lebanese militia attacked refugee camps killing 635 and wounded 2000 Palestinians?"

Both horrible, horrible, despicable tragedies. All who are responsible are war criminals. Do you really feel comfortable bringing up Sabra and Shatila without mentioning Sharon's name?

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