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Some indymedia contributors should be more pedantic

Sophie: My point, and I think its well documented, is that Indymedia readers tend to blame Israel for everything under the sun, but are silent when it comes to much larger, more violent, more inhumane, more repressive actions on the part of Arab countries.

The fact that you have to go all the way back to Deir Yassin to find a massacre to blame the Israelis for (which occurred at the height of the war between the attacking Arab countries and Israel fighting to prevent their own extermination) just shows some kind of bias.

There are a lot of massacres that are a lot more recent committed by Arab countries which barely rate a snooze by indymedia readers.

Your objection to my research of various issues is telling. You perhaps would prefer if my entries were more like my fellow leftists and limited to emotional name-calling (e.g. the colonialist imperialistic brutal apartheid occupation of Palestinian lands by the Hebrew-speaking people).

I think a little more research on the part of some of the indymedia contributors is in order.

Sophie, you seem like a reasonable person, yet you are on the wrong side of this issue. If you started to research what you write, and found out the truth, you could be pillaried and vilified like I am.

I just have a bigger investment in the truth, in justice, and in righting a wrong than I do in being accepted as one of the crowd.

If this makes my tone accusatory, so be it.

I think lots of people here, at the RCNV, at Free Radio, at WILPF, and at UCSC have a lot of atoning to do. They have been promoting condemnation of Israel with a vengeance. ISM workers from Santa Cruz go and help Palestinians attack the Israelis and then call themselves "peace workers".

I have heard Free Radio commentators accuse Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians. The commentator said that since the Israelis don't recognize Palestinian nationality (big surprise there since there is no Palestine and never has been) that they were basically "murdering their culture" and since they were murdering their culture, they were basically committing genocide.

This faulty logic is supposed to convince the listener that Hitler's gassing of 6 million Jews is the same as the Israelis skepticism over Palestinian nationality.

It's that kind of attempt to make Israel the bad guy despite the facts that I object to on these pages.

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