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Re: Justice for Palestine: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall

Interesting retort but I'm going to have to add condescending to the list describing your tone.

First of all you completely ignore my comment about Sharon. "The fact that you have to go all the way back to Deir Yassin" and "If you started to research what you write, and found out the truth, you could be pillaried and vilified like I am." indicates an empathic inability. Sharon represents the current Israeli government and I am not proud of the man. I do not agree with you that there is no Palestine. Read my first comment in this thread. I do not agree that Israel has no blood on her hands.

Secondly, it is difficult for me to criticize Israel. You speak of the holocaust. My ancestors died in this holocaust. I don't know if any escaped to Israel but none who hadn't already left made it to the US . I grew up with lessons, pictures of this. Buying trees for the replanting. My opinions, which are shared by a substantial number of Jews, do not make me "accepted as one of the crowd".

I have a a bone deep interest in the survival of the Jewish people. Those like Richard Perl, Paul Wolfowitz, and Ariel Sharon do not help the cause. The Iraqi invasion does not help the cause. Maybe the 'Jew hating' divide will never be bridged. But facing off with no possiblilty of common ground does nothing to help the cause either. Stop insulting people. Offer your facts, your research. But people do not understand you. They do not understand what you represent because you do not acknowlege them as being creditable, decent in their own opinions.

Lastly, While Palestinians and Jews are both suffering, I believe that the Palestinians are being systematically destroyed. This is not compatible with the values with which I was raised.

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