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UN resolution 181 was rejected by the Arabs

sophie: There is no Palestine. UN resolution 181 in 1947 was SOUNDLY REJECTED by the Palestinian Arabs and by the Arab neighboring countries.

Only Israel accepted UN resolution 181.

Its like this. Suppose I offered you a job, with an office, duties, wages, health and dental benefits. Instead of accepting the job, you drove your car through my office window and dumped gasoline on my files.

You're not going to get the job!
Nor is the job offering going to stay on the table for 56 years until you change your mind.

That is the legal situation with the so-called "country" of Palestine.

The Arabs have rejected an independent autonomous country 14 times since 1937 (documented by David Meir-Levi).

The first time the Arabs started to call themselves "Palestinians" was in 1968, twenty years after the birth of Israel!!

And, notably, right after the Arabs were soundly defeated by Israel in 1967 and they were forced to come up with a new tact.

There was absolutely no movement for an independent Palestine in the 19 years in which Jordan ruled the West Bank.

There are no legal borders to Palestine.
There is no government for Palestine.
There is no official language for Palestine.
There is no date to mark the founding of Palestine.
There is no president, prime minister, premier, monarch, or King of Palestine.
there is no constitution for Palestine.
There is no history of a country called Palestine.
There are no Palestinian artifacts to be found.
Palestine does not exist.

The Palestinian Authority was set up in the Oslo accords in 1993. This was phase one of a three phased plan towards an independent state of Palestine. Because of the continued terrorism by Palestinian groups---and the complete refusal of Arafat to reign in the terror groups as mandated by Oslo, they never got past phase 1.

Hence, there is no Palestine.

If the Arabs who live in what was once the British Palestine Mandate wish now to form a new national identity called "Palestinian" that is their right to do so. But to claim that they have actually accomplished independent statehood is completely false.

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