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Disputed territories not Palestinian land

Sophie, Sophie, Sophie. Your quotes are interesting. But they don't mean anything today. They are so much water under the bridge since all of the parties who said them, later changed their views. Menachem Begin later became prime minister. Did he object to the partition then and refuse to serve? NO!

Remember, Palestine was partitioned twice. The first time, the Brits made Jordan (actually trans-jordan) out of what had been promised as a Jewish state. Then, they partitioned the partition again. Divding the Jewish half into halves again. No wonder some Jewish leaders at the time were unhappy with the deal.

You missed my analogy about the job offer.
Certainly the Jews after WWII were desparate, starving, homeless, and exposed to dangers. A Jewish homeland was considered a solution to the Zionists. But the establishment of Israel was done through lobbying, purchase of property, and a UN resolution, not by military conquest.

It was done without displacing the Palestinian Arabs living there at the time. No Arab was ordered to leave (except during battles).

It was the Arabs who rejected the deal and waged war.

You still have not answered my question. When did the land become "Palestinian" land?
Under what legal agreement, title, deed, declaration, treaty, or whatever did the Land of the west bank and Gaza become the property of the Palestinian Arabs?

I claim they never took title to it despite the fact that they were offered the land again and again if they would only make peace with Israel.

Resolution 181 was rejected. that offer is no longer on the table.

The land is disputed territory with no party having a clear title to it.

And looking at the mess of the Palestinian Authority, it should be obvious to all that the Palestinians STILL don't have it together to create their own nation in any kind of functional way.

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