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Israel is a good country with good values

Sophie. I can tell you care and care deeply for what happens in Israel and to the Jewish people. You want there to be a peaceful coexistance between the Arabs and the Jews. I do too. I don't want any more people to die.

And you are Jewish. So you feel responsible for what Israel does. So many are accusing Israel of doing so many wrong things --- bulldozing houses, shooting children in the street, cutting people off from their water supply. You feel super-responsible BECAUSE you are Jewish.

Jewish values tell you that you are supposed to be working to relieve human suffering, not out causing it.

But, because you care so deeply, you have not been paying attention to the swindle. Cynical people with lots of money who hate the Jews fund a lot of these "peace" organizations and spend umpteen hours going ad nauseum over every move Israel makes. They make up a lot of stuff that just isn't true.

The charges never pan out. Its been smoke and mirrors all along. The Jews are not a bad people. They are a good people. Israel is not a rogue nation trodding on the civil and human rights of the Palestinians.... but a tiny country with lots and lots and lots of internal differences struggling the best it can to survive while always having to stay armed to the teeth so that the Arabs won't wipe them out to a man at their first opportunity.

You called me a racist. That's a pretty serious charge. Are you sure about that? Have you independently investigated any new fact that I have said?

I'm a Bahai. As a Bahai I believe in the unity of mankind. I believe we are all brothers and sisters. As a Bahai I believe that we are different colors, races, and even religions because just as a garden is more beautiful with flowers of many different colors, so the world is more beautiful with people of different colors.

I dont hate Arabs. I hate that they teach their children to hate Jews. I hate that they preach from their mosques the duty of each Muslim to kill his Jew. I hate that they strap explosives on young beautiful teenage boys and girls and send them to their deaths as mass murders of criminal pizza eaters and coffee drinkers.

Golda Meir said that the Arab-Israel wars will end when "the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews."

There is no Palestine. There is only Israel.
Jewish law tells you that you must investigate everything and independently verify your information. I can tell you that you still have some homework to do.

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