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Re: Justice for Palestine: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall

If one said,"I don't hate Jews. I hate that they teach their children to hate Arabs. I hate that they send their young men to kill Arabs in their towns and villages. I hate that Jews legally permit torture of Arabs and that Jews shoot missiles into Arab houses and demonstrations. I hate that Jewish rabbis and politicians preach racism and speak of "transfer" (ethnic cleansing), as a means of solving the "Palestinian problem" (as Jews such as Ben Gurion called it). I hate that Jews control the water (in the OT) and sell what's left over to the Arabs. I hate that Jews demolish Arab homes after repeatedly refusing them a permit to build". If I said all that, I would be rightly called a racist.
There are some Jews that do these things. There are also some Jews that oppose these acts and some that are unaware of them. The same is true of Arabs. They are humans just like Jews and have the same feelings, needs, intelligence, varying veiwpoints, nationalism or lack of. Some are racist, some are cruel, some are accepting, some are kind. Some are a mix of these things. You belittle and degrade a people when you lump them together and paint them all with the same brush. Whether you are talking about Jews, Arabs, Chinese, Pakistanis, women, queers etc. Becky reveals her racism in her ignorant rhetoric about "Arabs".
If I want to know what is going on in Palestine/Israel, I will not turn to Becky. I trust "peace organizations", such as Yesh Gvul ( far more. Israeli soldiers who have lived the reality of "service" in the West Bank and Gaza and who have participated in and seen things done to Palestinians that disturbed them so deeply that they cannot participate in it anymore and have become "refuseniks". They are not "making up stuff" and do not "hate the Jews". They love their people and their country, which is precisely why they are speaking out. Nor do they have alot of money. They actually end up suffering financially and socially for their act of refusal to commit aggressive acts in the occupied territories. Check out their website and read about Israelis that are truly committed to their country and to peace.
I think that Becky has some homework to do. She has not read a history book on the Middle East, nor has she been to the area. All her info comes from extreme right wing zealots like those at and David Horowitz etc. Despite her claims to have independently verified her info. She thinks the IDF website is a good source. That is like asking the cops what happened after a police shooting and taking their version at face value.
By the way, Golda Meir is a right wing racist who denies the existence and history of the Palestinian people and who has written that the land was empty when Jewish immigrants arrived, an outright lie.

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