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Yonni: You wrote: "I don't hate Jews. I hate that they teach their children to hate Arabs.

The Jews don't teach their children to hate Arabs. Can you show me a passage in an Israeli schoolbook which teaches hatred of Arabs? I certainly can show you passages in Palestinian schoolbooks that deny the existance of Israel, call Jews "pigs" and glorify suicide bombers.

"I hate that they send their young men to kill Arabs in their towns and villages."

Israel sends its young men (and Women!!) to defend Israel from constant Arab attack.

"I hate that Jews legally permit torture of Arabs"

Israeli courts have ruled that only sleep deprivation is allowed. All other coercive measures are illegal under Israeli law.

"Jews shoot missiles into Arab houses and demonstrations."

The IDF shoots into houses where armed gunmen are shooting at them. Israel did not shoot at the demonstration in Rafah.

"Jewish rabbis and politicians preach racism and speak of "transfer" (ethnic cleansing), as a means of solving the "Palestinian problem"

Jewish rabbis and politicians have engaged in hundreds of attempts to make peace with the Arabs. No such "tranfer" has occurred despite multiple warnings on these pages that transfer was imminent.

"...(as Jews such as Ben Gurion called it).

What? are you going back to 1952???

"Jews control the water (in the OT) and sell what's left over to the Arabs."

Israel was the country that installed the water system in the first place. they share the water but there are always charges by the Palestinians. Israel is not going to cut off water to 3.2 million people.

"Jews demolish Arab homes after repeatedly refusing them a permit to build"

Jews demolish Arab homes because: 1) it was the home of a suicide bomber 2) armed gunmen repeatedly shoot from that home 3) the home is used as a bomb factory 4) the home is used to plan further attacks against Israeli citizens 5) the home was built without permits often on land belonging to someone else 6) the home is used to conceal a tunnel entrance

Palestinians can apply for permits and have just as much of a chance in prevailing in Israeli courts as any Jew/Israeli does. Many, however, refuse to "cooperate with the Zionist enemy" and go ahead and build without permits.

So Yonni--you see? I don't agree with your premise and if any of what I have written is factually incorrect, let me know. If you just want to call me a racist, naive, ignorant, etc. then just kindly fuck off. You are a useless bag of skin.

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