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Re: Justice for Palestine: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall

Yes Becky I check your statements. Oftentimes they are among the first few returns in a google search.

You are, of course, free to analyze information in any way you choose. My major concern in having a dialogue with you is that you have rarely responded to facts raised.

The water issue for example.

There is a plan to transport desalinated water from the west coast and to 'trade' this water for the fresher water from the West Bank. This has become a frequent topic of conversation among ardent Israel supporters *in this community* who would never think of contradicting the present Israeli government's intentions or actions.

And yes I believe you have made many statements on this site that are racist (definition - the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.)

BTW I think your psychological profile of me is conjectural at best.

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