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Don't buy into the propaganda, Sophie

Sophie: the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is not about water. It is about whether Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish State or whether it will be overrun by Arabs who want to murder every Jew there.

Of course they are going to use every propaganda issue they can pitch. Water is just another one.
Israel has a very large agricultural industry. In California, the most populous state in the Union, only 11% of the water is used for residential use. The rest is for agriculture.

Ditto in Israel. The Israelis will not cut off water to the Palestinians. This does not mean there aren't disputes. Israel is leading the world in new technologies for desalinization.

Sophie---your very existance is due to Jews who had to survive tremendous hardship, discrimination, pogroms, and even genocide. You owe them your life. The very least you can do is try to investigate these issues before you pass judgement on Israel. There are many who hate Jews and have devoted this negative energy into villifying the Israelis with information that is highly questionable.

I have never met you so I don't know what your psychological underpinnings are. I just find Jews who condemn Jews to be a sad phenomenon. Its like all the Jews who came to American, changed their names, and turned secular. Anything to escape the prejudice and the persecution. But justice has nothing to do with it. Justice demands that right-minded people defend Israel from those who spread this kind of propaganda.

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