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Water and Land

"The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is not about water."

That's exactly what it's about. Water cannot be separated from land. You show no sign of even having thought about what I said. Until you investigate there is no point in repeating myself.

You say "The Israelis will not cut off water to the Palestinians."

No one has even suggested this.

You say "Of course they are going to use every propaganda issue they can pitch."

This was not pitched. I repeat, this is being discussed among the Jewish community *here* in Santa Cruz. This is where I learned of it.

You have given a strange analysis of what it is to be a Jew. You depict anyone who dissents, or basically disagrees with you, as a self hating naive traitor not in their right mind. I find it odd that you are instructing Jews as to what they must do.

Again, not the way to win friends.

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