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and let me guess, it is probably causing fibromiagia, parisites, and a host of other undiagnosable ailments? which all seem to require prescription painkillers and lots of pot?... hmmmm... here is some food for thought. There are lots of legitimate flights over the area. There are lots of private flights. There is the forestry in there helecoptors, there are the news coptors, there are the fire and rescue aircraft. There are the law inforcement guys looking for pot feilds. there are people flying in and out of montery to SF and Oakland, and what, all these people are in on it? all this air activity, and no one seems to have a problem with unlisted, unregulated flights? come on! the only thing scary here is the massive, probably drug induced paranoia. or WAIT A MINUTE...maybe my mind is being controlled! and if so it's by these contrails, then YOUR mind is being controlled too! HOW CAN WE TRUST YOU WHEN YOU ARE BEING CONTROLLED BY THE SAME MEN IN BLACK THAT HIDE THE ALIENS FROM US! HELP! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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