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Re: WISH LIST from Free Radio Santa Cruz

there is no way to ensure that illegally transmitting equipment will not be seized by the man. that is ridiculous! austin buried their gear in concrete and it still got seized. none of the items on the wishlist are transmitting gear (except maybe the power supply), but studio gear. you can't bury your studio in concrete!
to ask frsc for a business plan and balance sheet is offensive to me as a free radio activist (Free Radio Olympia), or to demand an accounting of expenses. ten years of solid service to the community should be enough.
frsc challenges the authority of the government to regulate free speech and radio broadcasting. they will always be a potential target of the us government, as long as there is a government. none of us are well-equipped to defend ourselves from assaults by the state. we can only persevere in spite of these assaults, and we will.
frsc, i hope you get your wishes, (although i know you can get by without a flat screen monitor , but it is a WISH list after all...)

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