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On a claim by the hyper-misnomered "Zionists are the new Nazis"

The deranged rabid pro-Palestinian raves: "By way of contrast, when was the last time you heard about a Palestinian suicide bombing? And you WOULD HAVE heard...blah blah Has such a thing even been attempted lately? When CT, JAT, Kaplan, etc. leap in to insist it has, blah blah blah, will you believe them? Why? All their "sources" are just like them, rabid ideologues"

Why, even al-Jazeera, that vehicle of rabid rightwing ideology, confirms that two Palestinian terrorists set off an explosion that killed 6 Israelis and wounded several others Jan 13 in a combined suicide bombing & shooting attack. See

No wonder people like FtN, Jake, Steven Argue and the latest to join them cannot escape the grip of incessant derision and marginalization from the vast majority of the public.

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