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Yeah, that's the mentality, all right

"These pinko communist Osama lovers should all die along with all of their Palestinian friends. God gave Israel to the Jews, not the communists and stinking greasy Arabs."

Straight from Fox News to your computer, via the mind of some right-wing tool who'd have fit into Hitler's Germany like a hand into a glove. That goes for you and Becky, too, CT.

To all these latest ringers CT has called in (yeah, pal, I know all your sleazy Sayan tricks): you might want to get more serious about this little subject called H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, and stop letting cheesedick here feed you all your sources. The Palestinians represent a bloodline whose claim to this area is at least as ancient as the Jews. And since when do ANCIENT territorial count for anything, anyway? If they really do, all us Europeans better head back to Europe and take our grabbing greedy ways with us, and that includes half the Jews in Israel. What's that? You think that's excessive? Well then, you have a little hypocrisy problem then, DON'T YOU?

Also, The Middle East was quite stable for hundreds of years under the Ottoman Caliphs. There were Jews here (Sephardim) living intermixed with Arabs, and they got along fine. It was when the West, in the form of British imperialists, decided the Ottoman's domain needed to be THEIR domain that things went to hell here, and they've stayed that way because A) throughout the 90 years since then, the West has never stopped fucking with these people for two minutes and B) unlike you, they're not stupid assholes who believe Western religious and political rhetoric. They know they've been targeted for conquest by the major Western powers, and that's all Israel really represents, and they're furious about this, furious enough to lay down their lives if that's what it takes to make sure the West's greedy grabbing claws remain empty. They NEVER invaded you. YOU were the ones who did ALL the invading, in every single place "Asleep and Oblivious" mentioned. Now you've whipped up exactly the hornet's nest you deserved, and you want to pretend these people are insane so you can up the ante even more? Well, fuck all of you stupid scummy greedy assholes! I applaud the people of the Middle East for having the brains to see through all your weak-minded bullshit and the guts to give you EXACTLY what you deserve. May all your soaring fantasies of globalist grandeur come crashing down on your heads!

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