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Anyone can empty any definition of meaning

I pity you so much, it's hilarious. If every person on Earth is going to make up their own definitions, you might as well define a square as a circle. You're also confusing Palestine in its entirety west of Jordan with the disputed territories (i.e. "West Bank" and the Gaza strip). I didn't claim the Jews in all of Palestine were displaced in during 1929-1948. I told you they were ethnically cleansed from the disputed territories. And no, that does NOT count as genocide, though that doesn't detract from the crimes committed by local Arabs and Jordanians who destroyed 56 synagogues in Jerusalem's Old City and desecrated much of the ancient Jewish cemetery, and prevented Jews from accessing their holy sites in Jerusalem and Hebron until June 1967.

But there was an Arab attempt at genocide made by the "Palestinians" and Arabs from elsewhere in the Middle East in 1948. The day after Israel's independence declaration, 5 armies of neighboring Arab states augmented by contingents from several other Arab states invaded Israel to commit genocide (for real) and cleanse the land of Jews.

Much of the territory in Judea-Samaria or the "West Bank" is up to grabs and disputed. It NEVER belonged to the supposedly indigenous Palestinian population, much less exclusively. For Israelis to settle there is no less legitimate than for Palestinians to set up residential areas on the same locations.

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