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"You, ct, quite well fit several of the above descriptions."

What extreme hyperbole.

I label someone an antisemite only when they've shown anti-Jewish colors and I "viciously attack" people who are slandering, lying, distorting, telling half-truths and bullshitting on top of it. I don't regret any of that, least of all when I'm baselessly labelled a Nazi, a goosestepper, a fascist, a ZioNazi, you name it. Don't presume you'd get a totally free ride when you indulge in this despicable behavior.

I neither impersonate nor infiltrate IMC. And if I were to become an IMCista in good standing like Gehrig and even become an editor as he could, who are you to decide he or I have infiltrated IMC? IMC was supposed to stand for *independent* media, not far leftist media by definition. You have some kind of fixation on the notion that Zionist are inhuman racist fascists who aren't entitled for positions within IMC. Deal with it. If Gehrig for example takes up an editorial position in his own IMC, there's not a damn thing you could do to prevent it.

None of "evidence" you furnished before you got around to the attacks of service denial against different IMCs constitutes proof of news censorship, and you didn't even manage to name even one specific Zionist organization that was convincingly tied to such an attack. If you know of one such incident, please give us the organization's name, the IMC or IMCs denied service and the date.

Your slander of the ADL merits no comment. The other US based organizations are trying to keep at bay the pernicious dangers your organizations pose for the non-Islamic and Western world and Israel. For example, you've already caused untold damage by the way you've brainwashed countless university students across the US and beyond, not least by securing some of those institutions' administrators unwavering support for your anti-Israel agenda (Duke University should ring a bell).

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