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Zionism is the problem

Any thinking person can see that any religious state is a violation of the rights of those who have other faiths or who do no believe. Separation of church and state was a basic democratic gain of the American Revolution and other bourgeois revolutions as well as the 1917 October Revolution.

The idea that the Bible gives Palestine to the capitalist Zionist government is as outdated as the Bible is itself. While the idea that some all knowing super-natural being created the entire universe and all life on earth may have once seemed a reasonable explanation of our world, scientific advances have long since antiquated such superstition. Likewise ideas of chosen people (over others) have been replaced in enlightened minds by principles of equality.

As a matter of faith members of the Ku Klux Klan believe whites to have been created superior to all people. I am not afraid of offending their religious sensibilities, nor am I afraid of declaring that such people and their racist violence should be defeated by any means necessary.

Likewise I have no desire to humor Zionist religious beliefs of a god given right to ownership to the land that they have been stealing. A similar belief in killing natives to take their land was called Manifest Destiny in America.

Becky, it is hard to believe that you still believe the Zionist lie that the Palestinians in Palestine are the foreigners. The Palestinian people are scattered all over the world because of the extreme violence and discrimination used against them by the Zionist state in their homeland. The Palestinians that remain are those that have not yet been driven out.

Likewise Becky Johnson buys the lie that the entire Palestinian people are the cause of all violence. Yes Becky Johnson, the American Indians started all of the wars with the U.S. government and the Iraqis and Vietnamese started the wars that forced the US to invade their countries. (Sarcasm)

Instead of spewing Zionist lying propaganda, why don't you Zionists do your homework and find out what really happened. Real Palestinians and real Hebrew speaking people are dying as a result of the policies of the Zionist government and the billions of dollars in military aid the U.S. government gives to them.

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