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(cross-posted) So what do you have to do to be a leftist?

becky_johnson222 (nospam)

JA: If you doubt my leftist credentials, why don't you try a google search on me? You will find I have been a writer for Street Spirit since 1996, which is published by the American Friends Service Committee. I also am a member of the Free Radio Santa Cruz Collective which has been broadcasting for 10 years without a fuckin' FCC license and produces a decidedly leftist fare most of the time.

While I occasionally call in with my pro-Israel positions, I don't dominate the airwaves with my ideas. Although, my pen is sharp when it comes to critiques of their programming.

My article, "The Hopscotch Rebellion" was published by CounterPunch, detailing my fight with the city over 1st amendment issues and the use of chalk on a sidewalk. A subsequent Honolulu Star Bulletin editorial supported me.

My activism began in earnest way back during the Vietnam War when I was still in high school. I marched against the Vietnamese war. Years later, I marched with Steve Argue against the Yugoslavian war.

I successfully sued the LAPD for clubbing me at the DNC in LA in 2000.

I have organized protests against police brutality. I wrote the text of the resolution passed by the Santa Cruz City Council calling for a moratorium on the death penalty.

I have also written on behalf of women and children receiving welfare benefits. I organized the "Sex for Peace" event just prior to the Iraqi war. All of this can be found by a google search.

If you STILL want to proclaim that I am a phoney leftist, go ahead. It won't add to your credibility.

I am not a Zionist. Your definition of what a zionist is and my definition are completely different. But by either definition, I am not one. I am a member of DAFKA which has no affiliation with the State of Israel. It is a pro-Israel educational organization and is funded by private donations. Currently I am an unpaid volunteer.

I am aware that my positions on Israel are quite different with most leftists, but I find nothing in them that is internally inconsistant. I do not see Israel as a major perpetrator of war crimes. Far from it. Instead, I see a tiny country resolved to survive against a non-stop onslaught of Arab Islamic rage. I am buoyed by their accomplishments under such duress, and I pray for the day when Arab and Israeli, Muslim and Jew can live in peace side by side.

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