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Re: Amy Goodman Accepts Ruben Salazar Journalism Award at UCSC

"The blade, according to the website selling Caterpiller bulldozers, says the blade is 8 ft. 4 inches high. It would be very hard for Corrie to get up high enough to be seen over the blade."

Unless, the APPROACHING bulldozer was far enough away to see her. Its been reported elsewhere, that Rachel, "sat down in the dirt 20 feet in front, to block its path. Despite her non-violent resistance, the bulldozer lurched forward, pushing up dirt as as came close to her. Rachel, clad in a bright-orange vest and shouting to the driver through a megaphone, climbed up on the pile and was eye-level with the driver as he continued forward, pushing her, until the mound under her gave way and she went into the pile of earth.
As the other activists witnessing this came running, the driver continued pushing until Rachel was under the blade of the bulldozer. Then, after a slight pause, backed away without lifting the blade so it hit Rachel Corrie again. "

You decide...

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