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Calling someone a "troll" is bigotry and dehumanization

"Becky Johnson, who appears to be in the pay of the most extreme factions of the Likud settler movement, has posted an idiotic FAQ-type propaganda piece on indymedia sites throughout the whole world."

BECKY: My article "Most Asked Questions on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict" (co-authored by Lee Kaplan) has been posted on websites all over the world, but NOT on any IMC.

"Eyes of the People" condemns me for articles posted on other websites, which seems a little strange. If "eyes" disagrees with any of my postings HERE, please post your own response which hopefully debunks my post with facts and evidence rather than name-calling and threats.

Your complete lack of sympathy for me when the SC IMC website has been used to issue death threats against me and Lee Kaplan, to falsely accuse Dafka of being involved in another death threat when there was no involvement, and threats by others to stalk me and/or follow me home, makes me believe you actually support such criminal behavior.

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