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NO!! That's a lie YOU told!

"in the pay of the most extreme factions of the Likud settler movement"

I have volunteered that I am not paid for any of my articles other than those I write for Street Spirit magazine on homeless issues.

But you said that I tell lies. I asked you, Darin, to name just ONE lie I have told. Instead, you made a groundless accusation, completely unsupported except by your own paranoia ---that I am being paid for my pro-Israel writings.

I think you have your facts turned around too. The Likud is the political party, Ariel Sharon belongs to. It is secular. I am not a member of the Likud. The "settler" movement, is a religiously-inspired movement of mostly orthodox Jews who believe that the Torah is evidence that all of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, hence Jews should live in all parts of Israel.

These same teachings do NOT call for expelling all non-Jews from the land, just that the lands belong --due to God having given them --to the Jewish people.

In either case, while I have a general knowledge of these different factions in Israel and some idea of their positions, I am not in their employ, nor do I speak exclusively to their interests.

As for me opening up my personal financial records to you or anyone else for that matter, that is a ridiculous request, and one you would not honor in the reverse.

If a court case generates a subpoena, I will of course make those records available.

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