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Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Is Terrorism

“n5667? writes, "As we have seen, despite a recent agreement where Israel re-opened border crossings, pulled troops out of areas, it did very little to discourage terrorists..."

The biggest terrorist is the murderous and racist Israeli government. It is this government that is the oppressor and the Palestinians are the oppressed. The terror the Israeli government has carried out against the Palestinian people since its birth, and continues to carry out, will invoke a response as long as the injustice continues.

This gives lie to Johnson's false claim that Israel is the only safe haven for Jews on earth. Israel is not safe for Jews, it is a very dangerous trap created by the ethnic cleansing of the racist Zionist government. A murderous and racist anti-Arab state situated in the heart of the Arab world is a potential death trap for Jewish people that can only have socialism as a happy ending. Only a government and a system that seeks equality between races, a separation of religion and state, and seeks to meet the human and environmental needs of the entire people without capitalist profit could ever be a safe haven for any people.

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