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Re: Pro-Israel speaker, Itamar Marcus, hot topic at UCSC

"The Israeli's started it by invading Palestine and stealinthe land houses and water. They now live in residences that housed generations of Palestinians, who were driven out at gunpoint by the Stern Gang and other terrorist operations akin the Jewish Mafia on Steroids. Fact."

Indeed, which I believe coincided with the establishment of the Israeli state *and* the immediate invasion of said Israeli state by six neighboring nations.

Perhaps if the surrounding nations hadn't tried so ardently to destroy Israel, none of this would have happened.

To say that Israel is racist against Palestinians is hard to prove - 20% of Israel's population consists of Palestinians and their ancestors who did not flee the from the land in 1948 - and while they are exempt from conscription in the IDF, many of them do serve, and some groups have even requested that they be included in the conscription.

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