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Well, let's see. What is the story here?

After weeks, if not months of public display, a solitary "feminist" woman found 4 or 5 pieces of art (out of over 20 or more) in the women's bathroom that didn't meet her expectations of "Politically Correct Feminist" art. She took some photographs of this art and "Published" it to a local "alternative" internet news service. She didn't try to contact the "offending party" until after she attacked the establishment using this public internet forum. She said the owner was promoting sexist, racist and violent images. (Lots of incorrect assumptions were made.)

The reporter passed on her observance of the "offensive art" to her friends so that they could attack the proprietor of the establishment before they tried to find out who did it and why the art was posted. The art didn't pass their "feminist polititally correct standards" so they went after the owner of the establishment. Nevermind the context of the art or why this particular art of was chosen. It offended them and they are the arbitartors of what is permitted and what is forbidden.

After all censorship is OK when it is done in the name of defending the "oppressed" and censorship is also OK if you don't understand the context of the artwork like these politically motivated ignorant attackers. Heaven forbid that you should have to have an understanding of an era that you didn't grow up in. That's too much like thinking or hard work. Why should I have to give a damn about the past or what those people went through back in the "old days". Who does nowadays? Only crazy people. I don't have time for that.

My political philosphy is the only correct one and I wish all those other people would wise up. They are so stupid. Don't they read the same political dogma as me? If they don't they must be idiots because I know that my dogma is better than any one elses.

I know deep in my heart that some horrible man made this whole thing happen. I hope he gets his just deserts and some strong Victimist steps on his marbles. Then I'll feel better. If I keep explaining how offended I am then everyone will rally around me because I'M BEING OPPRESSED.

You know what? I don't even care what anyone else thinks about this art. I'm the OPPRESSED and I have the POWER. If you don't think this art is sexist, and demeaning then YOU JUST DON'T GET IT! I've told you what it means so PAY ATTENTION! My beliefs are the only ones that count.

I'm sorry I got so carried away but I hate it when people disagree with me. You'd think that this was a free country or something. Sheesh!

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