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CONTACT: Students Against War’s Demilitarize UC press team via: Steve Stormoen, sstormoe (at), (831)420-0545.

UC Santa Cruz to Organize Against the Union of Bechtel and UC Regents

Students at the University will protest the UC’s bid to manage nuclear labs

On Wednesday, November 30, 2005, students will gather at the Quarry Plaza to oppose the creation of nuclear weapons by the University of California and Bechtel run lab in Los Alamos.

The event, organized by Students Against War (SAW), will feature speak-outs from UC Students, organizers and community members, an educational
wall featuring facts about UC’s role in nuclear proliferation, as well as papier-mache bomb-making and a theatrical wedding ceremony representing the
union of the UC and Bechtel Corporation.

The students also look to present the administration with over a thousand signatures demanding that the UC leave the Bechtel partnership and stop running the Los Alamos lab.

The November 30th event, aptly dubbed “DeNuke UC?, will be a continuation of a growing movement on the UC campus to disassociate The University of California from the making of new nuclear weapons. Last year at UCSC saw hundreds of students take part in the SAW-organized weekly Weapon’s Inspection Tours that protested the use of science for military purposes.

With the November 30th event, UCSC students will take part in a UC-wide Day of Action coordinated throughout other UC campuses.

“We want to show everyone that making death, war, and profit in the name of an education is not acceptable to UC students,? said 3rd year student,
Becky Clough.

Interviews and photos available upon request.

For more information, contact Students Against War’s Demilitarize UC press team through Steve Stormoen: sstormoe (at), (831)420-0545.


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