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Re: Anti-Corporate X-mass Caroling at the GAP

SC-IMC, Bradly and Pat-
You ROCK!!!
Yep, still two more fun filled possiblities to re-make and enliven (in-elve-in) Xmass with us.
Wednesday 4pm at the Farmers Market, 5pm in front of the GAP. Also, one more session this coming weekend (time TBA- re the schedules of wayward Santas). Stay tuned to SC-IMC and the SC-Radicalendar!

Re. the reader who wrote-"Why are you harrassing GAP and blaming anyone with money for all your problems?" Did you read the lyrics of "God Bless you Very Wealthy Men"??? Why do you assume that we percieve the world as black and white? Maybe you don't realize we are the orphan street version of the ancient court jesters and truth tellers (sadly banished long decades ago, from the halls of power). You say you "know a handful of genuinely wealthy people- in this area alone, who are intelligent, hard-working, self-made millionaires. They are kind, generous people...." Hmmm.... I know some very kind, hard working and generous poor folk, struggling to make ends meet. Life is a lot harder for them and the stereotypes perpetrated by our media culture sadly paint a far more negative image.
You can be the advocate for self-made millionaires, I'll be an advocate for poor folk. We should meet sometime, maybe at the next caroling.
Remember, humor works wonders when we're able to laugh at/with ourselves.

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