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Re: Support Students Racially Profiled and Brutally Arrested at Campus Anti-War Protest!

“How will you decide?? is right on some levels, but I think its less about ‘choosing a side’ and more about standing up for the truth. If the protestors genuinely didn’t do a thing and were beaten and arrested, then I will stand up for them. But since I have been involved with ‘the left’ for about a decade now, I know how often folks who break the law claim innocence.

The nation has come to be more hostile to those who look ‘Arab,’ and I don’t discount their claims. I just want to know the complete story and I don’t think this article has delivered the facts as such. And since this seems like it is going to enter a court room, we probably won’t know the facts until far later.

Of course all terrorists aren’t Muslim. Only the most far-right idiots would make such a foolish generalization. To make generalizations like “white people have waged genocide for years? is equally stupid.

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